Corporate Tactics - Anti-espionage

Greetings players, I am Uhmari, Leader of Evolution. For those of you who know, I come from Band of Brothers, in eve. We are

the most progressed pvp corp to date. We go when we want where we want, and kill who or what we want and have had this power for just about all of the history

of the games existence.



today i am going to be discussing a important corporate topic for all to read. This is to help disencourage the use of spies in corporations.

These tips should help all defend and protect against espionage and sabotage operations.



Premise of this Topic

Prevention is better then a cure [Quran]



Defending against Espionage


Undoubtedly espionage is a powerful tool in the right hands. Understanding how the enemy things is an extreme advantage

Even more so then knowing his tactics, plans or ways of operation. Thus the goal is to prevent spies from knowing this.


the is not possible, as they will always understand some part of the corp, and in time if they are around enough will

know more and more about it. So the first step to defense is 


  • Keep your officer and member staff separated.

after this you want to keep your Jr and senior Staff separated, and its generally good to keep all tactical data confined to

only the most senior members of the corporation (Ie who and where you attack) so Step two is


  • Keep your Jr and Senior Officers isolate d to each other.


On this note i recommend giving smaller tasks like recruitment training to jr officers, and give the senior officers

important tasks like military command, counter-espionage and so forth.




Securing your defenses


the next important move is to secure your means of communication.

this means

  • Locking down team speak, or any other communications software you use


Knowing there is a spy in your ranks

Lastly, Pay attention to things, Like your progression, for example if your doing really good for a duration of time

and then all of the sudden something changes and things become hard, then you know there may be one of

two situations


The enemy changed their tactics, or strengthen themselves through alliances

There is spies in your rank, and they are countering your tactics.


To identify which of the two it was, take a step back and look at what they did, counter this Quickly (with in 3 days)

if they counter this, its likely there is a spy in your ranks.


Lastly and more importantly,


Damage control


Always look for weaknesses, and evaluate of player did X they can do X damage.

and react accordingly (by strengthening weaknesses). 


Never forget, for every 100 members you have in your corp, there is at least 3 evo spies.


Good luck, and fly safe


  • Uhmari

Ceo of Evolution




As intriguing as this topic is, I would like to raise a question at the effectiveness of espionage in this game. What secrets are worth stealing that counters the bad reputation that comes with spying?


There was the debacle with DYN2, but should that really be something to vaunt?


The perpetuating of this mentality – that it is impressive or funny infiltrating corporations and ruining them from within – is disappointing. I would much rather enjoy a game with strangers than dealing with this paranoia culture.


If this opens the gate for espionage against me, so be it. All the same, do not mistake my lack of participation as ignorance.


If we have EVO spies, I say welcome to NASA. If they are good people, I will fly with them. If they steal from me, it will be a shame not because I have lost something, but because they would have wasted their time.

This is not EVE. Go back to it if you want all that stuff.

This is not EVE. Go back to it if you want all that stuff.


So what, it may not be as evident now but espionage will get bigger with the coming patches.

To Uhmari/Intricate


I admit. It is a well know fact, that espionage is part of the real life world too - between big corporations like Google and Microsoft, or Samsung and Apple. People are hired just to gather information. It is also part a big part of the EVE universe.


But to plan/execute to damage and destroy corporate infrastructure/personal from within is not only immature, but totally against any known rules. Like happened to DYN2 by deleting members/personal. In real life you would face very severe legal consequences. Not only for you personally, but also for the corporation you represent. And I really hope that your actions will have consequences in this game-world too. You did not even consider the reputation loss you already brought on yourself, and the members of your corporation. 


I recommend a public apology, that things “got to far/out of hand”. I understand you want to stick to your game principals, that is your right. But you should take responsibility for your actions.

Honestly guys, although you believe us to be hard and/or ruthless, we have standards and we believe in honor. I don’t know how many times Uhmari has told us how he values honor and the like. If you want to know the real reason Uhmari planted spies was to show the devs spies have no place in this game. 

If you still don’t get the magnitude of espionage, read this:

Eve is a very different game, where spies can play a HUGE role.

I have to say, being mostly an EVE player base, Evo really does live up to it’s name :stuck_out_tongue:


If spies really do start making a difference, we may start changing our play style, but as of now Dynamis is a laid back, have fun and kick xxxx kind of corporation.


Stay Frosty my friends, and thanks for some great matches out there!

Love,  Dynamis

SC isn’t Eve. Spies means really nothing in our game.


If EVO spy is good player without an exaggerated sense of his/her own greatness we will be pleased to invite him/her and fly with him/her in squads. Plant more skilled spies to us please. We will be happy. Our requirements: ELO 1500+ win rate 2+ and you may steal our secrets and tactics forever. Lol I don’t know our secret tactics myself, despite being of senior officer, because our main secret tactic is just to play good and be polite with other players.

When can i join? I must practice my russian.

Today i test my russian on DR :wink:

SC isn’t Eve. Spies means really nothing in our game.

Not yet no (at least not in so major a sense), but depending on how the game gets fleshed out in the future it could very well be possible.

Well, may be in future, but not now at least :slight_smile: And I hope that spying won’t be prohibited by game rules because it is important part of socialization :slight_smile:

Maybe in an open ended game MMO, but thus far this game is anything but.

I really hope this espionage-stuff does not come to SCon from EVE.


And that developers do everything they can to avoid it. We do not need clone games. Space games CAN be different. It is NOT a law that every space game has to have immaturely acting player base caused by espionage-distrust-nonsense.



This game can be different. I hope developers and the company take actions to ensure this.

Skilled spy will do significant damage without breaking any game rule. Foolish spy will brake game rule and will be punished by administration and all damage received will be restored. Skilled spy is one for thousand of foolish spies and he is only made for one mission - he will blow his coverage after his act forever. He is just one person for one mission and if he do it well when he is succeed.

Why can’t there be a competitive game without the political circus? What are you all afraid of? That you will have to actually play the game instead of manipulating people?


The big secret is to do the effort. Yeah, every player in Star Conflict makes a mistake in every game they play. Find one each game and attempt to correct it in the next.


Why can’t the game just reward skill instead of pitting players against each other?


You want to manipulate sector control? Zerg T2.

You want to dominate any match you get into regardless of tier? Practice.


End of story.


Spy all you want, we have no great secrets.


You are a horrible pilot, Uhmari. Your attitude gets in the way of you becoming a better player and your insecurities stop you from being a positive influence to the Star Conflict community.  It saddens me that you have any kind of access at all to the developers.



By the way, any pilots who read what I wrote and think that you’d like to be somewhere where teamwork, a sense of humor and self improvement are valued, come say hi to us at NASA. We could care less if you are spy as long as you are active, have fun and play well.

This topic is great.

The corps currently have no real meaning, there’s no trading whatsoever, there is no economy at all, there is no true ‘corporation power’ at all (ooh, colours change a bit!)… And some eve-freaks are already planning about spying/counterspying? Ha. Spies really only had one way to mess with stuff - by getting to officer and kicking people out for all of 4 hours… Now that’s been done, now everyone will be more careful, and this is not a viable tactic anymore. So now what?


Well, easy.

Evo will sit on their perch of paranoia, have lots of infighting and amusing drama, while the other corps will keep kicking their posteriors in battles.


Now, when this game has freelancer-style free movement, with a true buy/sell market with corp-powered fluctuations, and corp-based economies, then spying will make sense. But you Uhmari, and folks at Evo in general - you blew it. You showed your hand too early to do anything… Do you think people will now trust you? Ha. To use an analogy from eve, you basically got into low tier in enemy corp and made them lose a starter ship. Big whoop. Wastedany and all potential for true damage later on :wink: gg, Uhmari. gg.

(Oh yeah, and now that this is on forums, it’s so much easier to see. *snicker* again, gg) :stuck_out_tongue:

How many EVO squads needed to kill Takamina[NASA]?

All I have to say is. Uhmari claimed he spied on us because he believed we were exploiting to gain/keep our rank. Last I checked this would be an issue to have a Dev look into, if it were even to exist. So what is it? Did you do it to check on corps and see if they were exploiting? Or is that just the latest twisting of words to help save Evo’s reputation, because right now, all it seems is that EVO plays dirty and is anything but “honorable”.


As for NASA members, I find them far more difficult to fight than Evo. Yes, I am referring to T3.

Seriously, from a logical perspective. What do you gain when you spy in all games star conflict?


How does one even spy in this game to begin with when you join a corp and all you hear is “Blah blah blah who wants to sqad with me? Blah blah blah Hey have you tried to outfit your ship like this? Blah blah Blah who ever kills uhmari gets a virtual cookie?”


This is a waste of time…and effort. I personally didnt care if he WAS a spy, I doubt he got anything out of us that’s even worth any COMBAT advantage. Theres officers in every corp to deal with moronic members. As an officer, I have to make sure everyone is happy and squded up. I don’t tolerate bullshit, maybe a bit of horseshit but not bullshit. And even if you are a spy, I expect you to win, thats what being on the same team is all about.