Corporate Iridium missions should be added back

 Omg nooooo! Maybe you guys(devs) forgot to add this task… Iridium is soo important that everyone would want to keep it for themselves but corporations also need iridium to play conquest. We actually get people to log into the game & online at certain times for playing dreadnought battles…and we used to move dreadnought carelessly without worrying about putting in iridium. Why? Cuz there was mission that gave you ‘Corporate iridium’ for winning five battles from ships of max available rank in your slot. Plllleaasseeeee bring mission back for corporate iridium! I hope devs see this and bring back the mission :’(

Corp iridium mission is necessary cuz working(doing mission) for your corp is much different then donating to your corp ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

ceo and vp can’t give to the corp, waiting this will be fixed ?

thought they had fixed it , by putting out stashes, I finished building the dreadnought  with them, then they took away stashes , and I dismantled the dreadnought I had built  so I have no desire to go in the game  trying to help people cope with the changes and bullsht  the devs laid on us . watching over 100 people I knew quit game  in one week broke it … the ques are insanely long now and  chat full of rage quitters … the saddest thing ive seen in a long time, devs murdered the best game online