Corporate and other social features

After a lot of time spent in the game i figured maybe it would be nice to share some stuff and add some more suggestions based on comments. Keep in mind this is just for social elements of the game, the key is improving the player interaction.


Lets start with corporation stuff first:


  1. Corporate Mail - the ability to select all members or corporation staff to send mail to all of them at once instead of individual messages.

  2. Corporate Statistics - upgrade for the corporation search UI showing how many active members have logged in a week or day, current active player number, number of captured sectors etc

  3. Member Statistics - additional data of members in a corp as in corp join date, clearance level etc

  4. Corporation Task - task that gives random or preset resources once a day for playing with a corporation member in a squad, receiving upvotes etc

  5. Corporate Iridium Task - if the iridium reserves in a corporation are maxed, the excess iridium is returned to the player.

  6. Dreadnoughts - the ability to use more than one dreadnought if certain criteria is met, example; having more than 50 daily active players=2 dreadnoughts, 100+ active daily members=3 dreadnoughts

  7. Corporation Sponsored Tasks - the ability to use the corporation iridium to sponsor a random or preset task from a list of available tasks to all members of a corporation for a day or week, should only be done by CEO.


Everyday social stuff:


  1. Group Leadership Transfer - the option to pick a member from a group/wing and give him/her the leadership of the group instead of disbanding everyone upon leaders exit.

  2. Fleet Jump - the ability for a leader of a group to teleport him and his group of players to any location in Open Space that was unlocked prior by the leader himself, the members don’t have to unlock sectors to jump to them but the feature itself wont unlock it for them either, the leader in that case pays a higher iridium jump cost for each player that hasn’t progressed to that part of the map.

  3. Fleet Call - similar to fleet jump (could be put as an additional feature of fleet jump), the ability to call reinforcements while you are already in the map alone (or with half of your crew) but still in a group. Worth noting that while in a group and using either of these options the map restrictions are only applied to the leader, so as long as a group leader has access, everyone has access to a map, ship rank, clearance and everything included.

  4. More Chat Tabs - adding additional individual chat tabs for players that are searching for Special Operation groups, PVE and PVP wingmen and a tab for corporation adverts/search while removing the group up feature in the upper tabs of the hangar UI that hasn’t been properly used since it was added.

  5. Crew Settings Preset Save - it probably doesnt apply to many players but i have opted out of many activities just because they required me to change ships and builds and i play a certain set of ships most of the time and absolutely hate rearranging my crew settings for every little thing every 5 seconds let alone remember my old setup before changes etc. Same thing would be nice to have with ellydium nodes but that’s just me. exampul:




Special Features:


1. Spectator Mode - Unique ship [Nostromo] Spectator ship, the ship design is ideal for spectators of a tournaments or events, the ability to record footage from their desired angle which in turn is free PR for the game. example




Players can be cloaked at all times or it can be a default setting so they don’t interfere with other players or npcs. This could serve as a premium spectator drone so players that don’t have access to certain events or modes can join as spectators to said events/modes so they can know/see what lies ahead of them instead of being completely oblivious of the game’s content, the spectator mode could be extended to modes like Spec Ops, Tournament, PvP, PvE, Custom Match, SC League, Open Space, etc.

This way content creators would have a lot of room/freedom to make their content and promote the game and this could also be featured as a partnership starter DLC or similar.


Let me know what you think of these suggestions and perhaps add your own in the comments, just remember to be brief/concise.

Hello Star Conflict community.


I would like to speak my mind about SecCon and Open Space it would be great on top of what we have in SecCon, some sort of structure like Stations or Beacons that a Corporation can set up into the dessirable system 

you want to take this beacon is craftable and it can be crafted by the corp by donating to a crafting hanger materials to its contruction, this Structure can then be setup in the dessirable conquer system and then it will give a messege to the actual owner of the system that a Station/beacon structure is planted in system. The owners of the system can then deside to destroy it by attacking it with a massive fleet of Detroyers and it would be not an easy task this Station/Beacons can have turrets to defend it self and on top of it for obvious reasons the owner of the station/beacon also gets a messege that you structure is being hit so you can also go the place you planted it and defend it with yout corp. The objective of all this is to add to the conquest of the sector not only people fight in the conquest fight but for example make your enemys loose points or your corp earn more points even after conquest or before the conquest.


Objetives of doing this:

More PVP engagment corp v corp on Open space

Real conflict between corporatiosn to dominate Systems

More MMORPG feel like because of the crafting and donation system.

More Open space content.


PS: It would also be a GREAT idea that players can also move the dreadnought to the desirable system and use for defense or attack, it would be great if for example 3 people are required to fly the dread one in the Control tower, one in the Shield emiter and one in the wepons system, maybe modules that only one of each player controling the dread is allowed to activate.


Anyways this is just a fun post speaking my mind, dont take it serious cause i know people is like that.


Thanks in advance by your comments.


Pulverizerer da Singing Hacker.

I actually agree, and would vote to have all but one of these features implemented. The one I strongly disagree with is Corp size allowing multiple dreadnoughts. That would lead to a massive inflation in said corps influence, pressuring players to have to actively play every sec con to maintain their position. It would also mean sec con would be less of a team co ordinated game, and corps that just mass recruit can capture zones easier then players who play well, cue in wings, and fight for said sectors. It would simply become a Mob mentality where you just throw 50+ players into the mix, play like xxxx, or dodge the good players, and get more rewards for doing so. There are some corps that already do this and have an extreme amount of sectors, for how little they actually play as a team.

To be honest, neither elitism nor zerg rushing should be the right way to go by default, goes without saying that you wouldnt be able to do like 3 dreads on one sector to max your win chance, something would change with seccon to limit the abuse factor. One of the ideas that came to mind was for a corp to pick which dread is going to fight which battles, in the old system it would go like one for each tier but since we have only two now iirc, it would mean 2 active dreads of different tiers so both high and low end players can enjoy their games without interfering with each other. It’s just a thought anyway, one dread at a time seems small for a medium sized corp, for big one definitely not enough.

There are a few things I’d like to see implemented.  I’m a fairly new player, so if some of these features are already implemented, please ignore.  I did go through the wiki and the options in game and didn’t see these features.  Or maybe I’ve just missed it.



1.  It would be nice to know the native language of the corp member.   I’m in a corp with a mix of Russians, Europeans and Americans.  It would be nice to know who can speak English.

2.  Status of what each online corp member is doing, e.g. PvP, PvE, Missions, SpecOp, OS, etc.  This way, if I’m looking for someone to do OS with, I can see who is already in OS.  If I had to ask in Corp Chat, it could get over crowded there.  My Corp Chat is usually quiet.  So this feature is not a big deal.  But if I knew most of my online corp mates are doing PvP, I’m not going to bother asking about OS.

3.  List of Corp occupied zones is OS.



1.  Player’s timezone location.  It would be nice to know which timezone a player is from.  I’m at timezone UTC-10.  US mainland is 3 to 6 hours ahead of me.  So by the time I logon to play during weekdays, most US based players are asleep.

2.  List of all online players, not just Corp mates.

3.  Chat with auto-translation.  When I’m online, it seems most players are Russian.  Unfortunately, I don’t read Russian.  So I have no idea what people are saying.  Of course, this feature should work in messages too.

4.  For games modes that have a queue, show the number of queued players rather than a count down timer.  The timer is useless when it jumps from 34 minutes to 1 hour then down to 46 minutes.  What’s the point of that?  Just tell me how many more players I’m waiting for.  If we’re just waiting for one more player, we could just ask in chat if someone is willing to join…

5.  Disable attacks on asteroids by drones (or auto-attack modules).  It’s annoying when I’m not farming asteroids to have my drones constantly attacking them.

6.  I don’t know if this is cheating, but…It would be nice to add the distance of ships behind you.  Right now, the ship type/enemy is displayed on your HUD, but not how far they are.  I’d like to know their distance to decide if I should use an active module.  If showing the distance for players is cheating, then show it just for enemy NPC’s.

7.  While in a Group, show what ship each member has slotted.  This way, we don’t have to waste time asking in chat.  You’re going to find out once in combat.  So I don’t see why I can’t just look when we are queued.


I think that’s enough for now.  Thanks for reading.




Thats a nice list, thanks for the feedback ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)