Corperation owned stations in open space/ Uping the ship scale from frigates and more tiers (Long)

this i thinking along the lines of EVE on how if your in a corperation you have a station and some territory control maybe there could be low security zones in open space that your corperations can own and have acess to some resources? And One day i hope we can get larger scale ships that we can get Maybe step up from frigates to Destroyers and have more tiers like VI VII VIII IX X so now i will explain the new vessels
Vindicator T6 this is Jerhico’s upgraded vessel from the guard.
Loyalist T6 this is the Empires Newest Long range vessel.
Aqusiator T6 This is the Federations latest advancemnt for its engineering Vessels.

Vulture, Vulture II T6 -T7 Empires lastest model for its new Recon interceptor,

Hatchet, Hatchet AE T6 T8 Jerhico’s newest endevour into further advancing Meta field stabalizers.

Hornet Hornet MK II T6 T7 Federations newest Covert ops Interceptor with an imobalizing plasma web.

Mace Mace S T6-T7 the Newest Command Fighter with jerhico’s learnings of the Biomorph technology.

Jester, Blood Jester T6 -T7As the empire tries to perfect the weapon over drive engines the jester is in prototype testing

Couger T6 The Federation’s newest tackler with a new complex cloaking system the cloaking system can now allow the Federation fighters unlimited Cloak times but are still vulnerable from pulsar detection.

Main trees ^^^^^

Sub trees  

Heavy Corvettes

Judicator - Guard - T7 - T8 Federation: With testing under way with experimental ships the federation are 100% determind to keep themselves free from the Imperial dictator ship.

Panzer Mk IX: Engineer- T7 - T8 The empires Heavy support Corvette has finally been finished after 24 years of reaserch.

Vengence: Long Range - T7 - T8: With increased Fuel time on the HE guided torpedoes This new Corvette Jerhico constructed has Higher hull and shielding than its T2-T5 precursers.


These deep space fighters were origanally created as the Earths second Space supioriorty line up but due to the War they were put out of perduction That is until now

Vanguard: T8 - T9 This fighter was brought into the Federation as a new Experimental Gunships and has also favoured Cartel and Pirate gangs with smuggling and Raiding.

Kronos: T8 - T9: Kronos was supposed to be the next option from the Jarl but its plans were cut short once the invasion started now that the alien threat has subcicided Construction now contiunes to further devolope its Command chain.

TYRANT: the tackler systems being developed by Jerhico are allowing more sophisticated fighter designs the only question is, finding one thats aerodynamic and streamlined.


these Variations of Interceptors are ment for close support and will require serious thinking while flying. Although they have more Plating than the others it slightly reduces agility and mobilty.

Mosquito: T8 - T9 : ECM - this ecm made exclusivly by the Imperial Wardens was given the ability the focus its Meta field into a direct beam. The beam shuts down the enemy ship long enough to escape when sufficent damge is sustained.

Mako T8 - T9 : Recon  - The federations Mako was actually devolped by mistake and has earned its name sake for the pilots to use it agressivly to add to this its speed can Out run all other Interceptors in its class.

Huntsmen T8 - T9 : Covert Ops -  Jerhico continues to perfect the tools nesseciary to develop an Interceptor ment to Interdict Hostiles at closer ranges from the rest of the Fleet. Sadly with the new family in power in mendes IX these interceptors were no longer aloud for civil use. but that hasn’t stopped pirate operations within the station from trying to build and sell them on the Black market for a large Price.

T-9 to T10 Ships (To be debated)

These ships i wlll actually have them listed under the Factions

Techs - Blood Hammer - Guard - Light destroyer: Prove your worth to us and we shall see.
Raid - War - Fighter Command - Bomber: Only the strongest survive the tests.

Vanguard - Titan - Engineer - We shall show the Imperial Dogs true Democracy.
Armada - Hades - Interceptor- Cov Ops: In space brute force applies to freedom.

Legion - Behemoth - Long Range - The Rebelion Shall tremble before us
Wardens - Phantom - Gunship - Now you see me now your dead.

If there are any changes need put in the comments :smiley: (Smile n wave pilots smile n wave)

Thanks for the suggestions, but for now it is not planned to add any other Tiers.

Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

My not be planned now, but in the long run, I think a wider array of ship types would benefit things. The game seems to be headed in that direction with dreadnoughts and all.

My not be planned now, but in the long run, I think a wider array of ship types would benefit things. The game seems to be headed in that direction with dreadnoughts and all.

For now it is planned to stay with the current types and classes. The Dreadnoughts are for corporations and not for single players. A bigger range of different ships would cause many difficulties regarding balance.

Maybe make a separate open beta for players to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe make a separate open beta for players to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

WoT had that while beta testing(I think they still run those test servers before patch)


The problem is… in WoT test servers queues were faster than SC standard queues