Corp Vs. Corp - Same Corp but same battle. Why?

I’m most likely gonna get A LOT of heat for this, maybe even get spit upon. But its something thats giving me an itch on my xxxx and I can’t seem to understand why. 


Regardless heres my problem.


Should there be a mechanism in the game that will NOT allow members from the same corp to be on opposite sides of the team?


I mean sure, we love flying together and against each other but there is a point where its kinda redundant and boring and gains nothing when in sector conquest…


I just want to see a bigger role for corps and not just meaningless PVP battles. Besides, in real life, gangs don’t fight within each other when grabbing more territory…


Please discuss. Don’t start a flame war, or I will shove a jalapeno sweet roll down your throat to make it really on fire!

Error hinted that they were considering rejigging Sector Conquest team making in [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19529-separate-sector-conquest-factions-in-matches/)

I imagine that would do what you want in Sector Conquest mode, since in a corp you all fight for the same faction.

We will have corp vs corp battles in the future, but on arcade this would be compeltly game breaking at this stage.

Random people would have no chance against full corp teams.

We will have corp vs corp battles in the future, but on arcade this would be completely game breaking at this stage.

Random people would have no chance against full corp teams.


Your right at the moment, 3 full or 4 full squads against NASA or any other corp (using TS) will literally make people flip their computer over, spray paint it with rude slogans, set it on fire, immediately after using in an incredibly daring united states hacking attempt. 


I guess im just frustrated how we have to stack or wait for other members to get in before we can que up so we don’t fight each other. Or that it makes or brakes the game for the randoms that come in and get blown to pieces…


Hurry with those Corp battles but don’t rush it to make it a half baked patch.  I like my sweet rolls warm, thank you very much…

While I enjoy fighting my own corpmates, It somewhat beat the point of corp.

But then again you probably already new before writing this, that it would not work. That pretty much would mean, that you could make 12 player squads.

I guess we are all are on the edge of our seat waiting for Corp Vs Corp or Squad vs squad matches. 


Its just annoying how we are constantly fight each other (especially yesterday with more than 20 people on…)

Since you can see whether your other corp mates are queued or not, you *can* avoid flying against corp mates if you stagger your queueing. Of course, you can also queue on top of your other corp squads if you want to fight against them :slight_smile:

Though we have been doing that, you wait far in excess of 5 minutes just to wait for your corp mates. 

yeah but if there is a mechanics that prevents you from fighting corp members, then it would A) put all the corp members on one team  B) take even longer for matchmaking

Or how about a automated stagger system built for Squad of corp members not to meet?

that would be choice B

5m o.O. We often have a few squads running when I play (T2) and usually only have to wait maybe a minute. But that’s T2. T3…I think depends on the day. Often only go up to 2m if we have multiple T3 grps running.

yeah, though there is a specific squad that we lose to that are the elite players in NASA whom i lose to, why? Nuke spam. But now since the latest patch, interceptors will reign as king again! 


Yeah, a stagger feature, or a automatic feature for squads to get in would be nice.