Corp Ranking according KDA ratio

There should be more sorting keys in the clan ranking. Easy to implement and it would keep smaller corporation motivated.

One particular key that I would like to see is KDA ratio, especially because it is independent of player numbers and playing time. However there should be a minimum number of kills to get into the ranking, sth like 10% of number kills that the corp with the most kills has.


cutoff is 5%

  1. SpaceInvaders 1000000 kills - KDA n

X. AvgCorp 50001 kills - KDA m, m<n

Y. NoobCorp 49999 kills - KDA m*n

NoobCorp wouldnt be on the KDA ranking b/c they havent been playing enough

this was something addressed, its likely that there will be another mechanic that decides ranking in the future (like for example, own territories) but for the moment this was the easiest way for the devs to give a sort of “clan rank” in the game.


Uhmari is right, it was the easiest way to sort the rank by kills.

But in the future we should see some different values which rank the clans.