Corp members artefact counter

We could add an extra tab in the corp leaderboard for the amount of artefacts refined to iridium by corp members. This would promote competition between corp members to get to the top, like with the influence points leaderboard, and would also allow CEOs to see who is contributing the most, and maybe reward this.

I do not think it would be hard to implement since we already have a global artefact refinement counter with the Christmas special event.

Of course it isn’t, that is, if you got the willpower to do it.

+1 That is a good idea.



I may be overthinking the dreadnought a bit, but i am ready to bet there will be a special window to build those, with a system close to that of the special projects, where you will have to collect materials, monocrystals and iridium to build the dreadnought modules. Maybe they could add a counter on that.

thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs

The suggestion has been reviewed and such feature is not planned at this point.

but it’s so simple to integrate… 

but it’s so simple to integrate… 

It is simple, but right now there is more important stuff in work:)

It is simple, but right now there is more important stuff in work:)

Dreadnoughts, Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts. :slight_smile:

@ArcTic, yeah, I would rather them focus all resources on the major update than a little artifact counter.


However, I would like this feature once dreadnoughts are released.