Corp Invites

Hi I’m TAZ my corp is TAZ and I’m looking for players to join my corp for the sole purpose of PVE teams … maybe 5-10 players that know the game and want rank 15 PVE for farming and credits … time zone is  about 15-9 hours before server reset … my time 6-12 in the morning … I’m using my corp as an extended friend list with its own chat … if you want to do PVE speed runs with Defense Contract and Ariadne’s Thread join my corp and we can farm without problems with random teams … ping me in game @ xTAZx and I’ll accept your invite if your rank 15 in at least one hanger . THX

Do you play conquest?

no but I could if everybody wanted to . I don’t see much point in doing the tournaments , sector conquest , SCL at the moment other than a high rank name placement. You get virtually nothing but the fun of doing it and if fun is all you want a custom battle works faster and better .