Corp Donations & Features

Right now the ceo has got cough up a lot of money, but not everyone has a lot money… however a corp is not 1 person, so why not add a donation pool.


This will allow any members to had some real currency to the corp to unlock new feature and let the corp grow.


They already the unlock for the rooster cap in game, but i think it be great to have other unlocks, maybe a ingame forum specific to the corp, among many other things.

In game pool, I support.

In game forum, not so much, though an Ingame “lobby” for your corp that you could fly around in or seek ally’s ships would be nice. Maybe like a corp hanger where you can further interact with allies?

yea i like the corp stuff lhaving it like eve but not corp forums… just have it ingame like a corp menu the ceo can edit or so on or mesasges that get sent to players