Corp Battle Opponent Search

Dear all


R4ge is hosting a frequent training session mostly on Sat, 20:00 Berlin time.


We usually like to have a Corp  Battle, like 8vs8 T3.


We are looking for other Corps who like to attend this training.


The time could be changed.

But we are mainly german so we prefer this time :slight_smile:


Happy to see some replies




added Tournament Table:


Atm we are 6 squads so be will go:


ESB vs Spin 2:0

ESB vs Rage 2:0

Rage vs Spin 1:2


1.Place ESB

2.Place Spin

3.Place Rag


Happy to see you next time




we are ready!

Well, maybe a bit strong challenge but we may accept.


Please contact me ingame or our TS to arrange a date.


(I would be happy if Raymaru or ZappBrannigan could attend to share thoughts and ways of improvements)

I try to be there. 

Next Sunday (8. December) 20.00 Berlin Time. Capture the Beacons T3 8v8.

You can try different approaches: So lets limit the ships to 3 per player.

You can choose the Map.

Get ready :)wt  

Don’t forge there is a T4 tournament this saturday on the 7th. So I suggest sunday as well.


And WPK can come too. Let’s have a party!

MMM…let me ask if NASA wants to jump in as well. 


Suggestion: lets make a corp wide event, that every sunday or saturday, there will be a skirmish in T3. If we have a consistant skirmishes between corps. I think we can bring back that fun factor back. Any other thoughts? 

Let’s wait and see what SQ actually brings this week :smiley:

But sure, can easily do it T4, it’s not like it’s anything new.

Funnily only Empire-Corps showed interest so far  :lol:

Hi, european neighbors!!


Impulz corp. is actually searching for the same thing than you.

As you know, with the actual xxxx MM system we have, it is hard to do 4-squadron in pvp. But we miss our battle against many of you :wink:


We are open to any proposition of corp battle even some week evening or night.


Don’t hesitate to send a whisp to me or any of my officers (Tucourvite, DarkSnow, Nibelum, ImInYourBase, Major)

Wish i could join, but i have no chat and am not a corp leader. If this could be worked around im willing to freelance

Wish i could join, but i have no chat and am not a corp leader. If this could be worked around im willing to freelance

There sure will be dead-times when a team will be missing members, just give someone a shout.

We might even cheat an type in global ‘SCon tournament starting in 10 minutes’ and ask Evil to stream :smiley:

The tourny by far brought the most enjoyable matches i bet everyone who participated had in ages.

ok then

well R4ge usually offers a Corp event on Sun, 17:00 Berlin time which could be changed to this kind of tournament.

Unless we will remain offering other events for members.


Especially for the corps which are new to this setup: it will be an unregulated custom battle so you will not earn/loose syn, credits, dsr


I will be happy to host/organize this event.


I already know NASA; WPK; ESB , but I am really keen to see Impulz on the field - hope you will enjoy it.


The Event will START at Sunday 08.12. 20:00 Berlin time UTC+1


Lets see how we will progress in the future.

what is that eastern standard?

time change and added the timezone

Sweet! I can join this!

Yep, I might be able to join, but the message spreads among our Corpo (ImpulZ). We might be there…


Im corp, but not like most of them

general settings will be:


8 player per team

Ships are allowed until Rank 9 (including Rank 9)

Every player is allowerd to bring 3 ships.

Every weapon, module is allowed.

Due to private reasons I cant participate. 

Maybe ask Raymaru for feedback.