Cool New Game Mode

Ok so here is the idea,

There are two battleships on either side of the map and the players spawn in the battleships and fly out of the hangar and the objective is to destroy the enemy battleship. Or get more kills in the time allowed


Or the other idea was same as the last one but this time there are objectives on the battleships for example engines, life support, bridge, targeting computer etc… and when you destroy one of them you get points and there is a point limit so who ever reaches it first wins. Also one kill = one point.

So here is an example i take out their engines/other objective and score 15 points I then take out more of them and whoever reaches 100 or something like that first wins Hooray!!!

Ye that’s something I’ve heard a lot from people I’ve played with and I think it might be a neat idea. I mean we already had a dreadnought in PVE missions which could work as a model if the turrets were made usable and the rocket towers weaker. Additionaly maybe even have it similar to combat recon, a player could act like a captain and control some of the dreadnought turrets. This could work either with one turret at a time (to quickly switch between them seperate hotkeys like 1-0) or with a tactical overview of the map allowing him to designate targets and having the turrets fire at it (obviously provide a lot of cover so it wouldn’t be overpowered as well as a slow barrel turn speed). The tactical overview would also allow him to coordinate his team better. Additionaly he could be able to choose between a variety of buffs which range from wide range aoe or singular support to short range debuffs (similarily to how the frigates work atm only on a larger scale of course). These buffs could be used with a limited supply of energy, which can get recharged if the team completes certain objectives or depleted if the enemy team manages to complete other objectives (like destroying a generator or disrupting a set of power relays). Similarily if a team manages to complete their objectives they can slowly “dismantle” the enemy dreadnought by disabling buffs completely, reducing the effectiveness of turrets etc. Obviously point rewards would have to be vastly reduced for the dreadnought pilot with a point boost (similarily to captain) for leading his team to a victory.


This mode could be played in two ways:

  1. A battle with 2 Dreadnoughts and even teams. Here you could also have the dreadnoughts shoot torpedoes at each other which would have to be taken down by allied fighters/frigates, encouraging more teamplay


  1. A battle with an attacking team with more players and a defending team which get’s the dreadnought.


Due to the scale of the battle average gametime should be around 8-20 minutes tho so rewards would have to be adjusted accordingly.


While I do realize this mode would be the proverbial balancing HELL, I think it would make for an awesome addition to the game. Those are my thoughts.

I was thinking this same idea. 

It seems that the developers already intend to develop game modes along the lines you describe, at least for clans. What you’re suggesting could be a stripped-down version of what the developers are planning, in order to function in an environment where you’re playing with random people rather than those you know and coordinate closely with.


Quoted from the Game Development Plan page:


Players will be able to form clans and join them to build particularly massive player-controlled clan dreadnoughts with corresponding specially designed game modes. It will also be possible to cooperate with clans not joining them but still fighting for them on a temporary basis.