Convoy raid

Seeing as we’re mercenaries, convoy raid scenario would be nice.


Have some heavy transports, with destructable sections (drives, shield generators, communications etc). Make whole ships destructible too, so that capturing the ship requires precision instead of blasting your guns/missiles at them, when you do too much damage the ship and its cargo becomes unsalvageable and team loses some of its pay.


Time limit before enemy reinforcements/space police shows up. Destroying communication modules on ships could make them warp further away, giving your team some time to escape. Also, they should be op. Whoever doesn`t make it to warp point and escape will gain 0 rep and space-pesos. And will have to pay the fine to get out of jail.


For 4-6 players I’d assume and an npc frigate for each transport, those will loot the ships.


Also, you cna only get teamed up with players working for your faction, and you raid other factions convoys. So if you work for Jericho you get teamed with other Jericho players and raid Federation or Empire convoys.



Space pirates assemble?

Nice, definitely a nice touch. +1


Would be pretty fun. Also it would be easy to scale for the different tech levels. First level theres just 1 transport and a handful of fighters spawn in here and there trying to stop the onslaught.


Tier 2 theres a couple freighters, but they have their own defences (some turrets and such, none of that pulsar yet), and more/stronger fighters spawn to defend


Tier 3 you’re met with the freighters, but they’re being protected by something akin to the tech 2 Punisher boss (aswell as scaling of the turrets and npc spawns power)


Tier 4/5, just add in a little more stuff.


The raid should happen in like an asteroid field or such so that both the players and the NPCs have a degree of cover (esp if a punisher with its pulsar is on the field).

Another thing it could be “time limited” I put that in quotes cause it could literally be that the freighters are traversing the asteriod field slowly, so frigates and fighters with stunning and engine slowing effects can have a degree of use (also shooting the engines out on the freighters sould slow them down too, but maneuverability thrusters would be too hard to take out really easy)

This is nice idea. +