Controls Suggestion

Lot of younger players in this days have mutated and grown two more hands which helps them to use the keyboard more efficient. Unfortunately I’m bit older and still have only two hands and since I hold the mouse with one hand the keyboard is operated only by the other hand. I mean that there is to many buttons to press and to little fingers. It is hard to move the hand over large part of the keyboard without looking at it. It cost also some time to find the keys and move the hand to the right position.


My suggestion is to allow to assign two keys combinations like ALT + any key. For example the basic WASD could be used as throttle / rotation and when ALT pressed the same WASD could be used as strafe.


Right now such assigment is impossible because ALT binds separetly as one key which can provide only one function.


Please take that under consideration.

I have a simular problem with the Key board or controlling with it!, I need to use my Arrow Keys in order to operate the direction of my ship walking or similar functions!, I really need to be able to change most of the keys on the key board in order to run this game smoothly and properly! ,Please give me a (FIX) for this problem or the game is all but worthless to me!, Thankyou!

Although it’s a necropost, I think I could put my control key to good use with this ability.


On a side note, most top players are grown adults.