controller and or joystick?

A space game with no joystick or at least controller support? Is it something that’ll will be added later on?


I realize that with the lack of firing arc this makes it fairly pointless (I so very hope they change/balance that), but I’m sure there must be some setup that work best with something other than K&M and I’m gonna be bummed when I find them.

Joystick/Controller support is planned for the future.

A space game with no joystick or at least controller support? Is it something that’ll will be added later on?

second that. need joystick. kthxnbai

HI, I’m new to Gaijin, I have just signed up to Star Conflict and War Thunder and am looking for suggestions regarding joy sticks. I see here that SC isn’t joystick ready yet but can anyone suggest what kind of JS I out to get to be ready and to also use in WT? Cheers

I can’t seem to find any information that states how or when they plan on implementing joystick support… does anyone know when and what they plan to do? I use a Saitek X52 HOTAS system and I’ve even mapped the mouse axis to the flight stick… but without proper joystick support it doesn’t automatically recenter. If anyone wants to know, I’d also throw my vote behind making this a priority. Otherwise you’ll lose any chance of keeping the attention of any hardcore flight sim players like myself.

I am not really sure using a joystick or controller would be of any benefit.  The mouse is more accurate and with the ability to slam your view around to target things behind you or to the side (turrets) the independent control the mouse gives you is better in many cases.  This is not like most flight sims where your guns only point front.  You have turrets that give you excellent coverage…not using it just invites you to get shot up.

 I disagree. Ever play Allegience? Yep, this game is a LOT like Allegience, even if it is more arcadish. Some people will prefer the mouse, but I would prefer a HOTAS system where I won’t have to deal with key jamming or trying to stretch my fingers longer than they really are. The primary issue is that there are just too many potential commands in a game like this, and too many situations where you will need to press and hold more than 2 or 3 keys at a time. Especially with movement.

I prefer a HOTAS and I know MANY flight sim junkies who would love this game, but all of my friends that do have said they are going to wait until joystick support is enabled. I will likely do the same.

I use a G13 and Mouse.  Not sure I would ever want to use a joystick.  Pain lining up hits.

i feel that Star Conflict is better played with mouse. Since guns shoot where the mouse is pointing unlike World of War Plains where guns all ways fire straight in front of our plain and keeping the cross hair on the target is a pain (i didn’t play War Thunder but i guess it works like World of War Plains)

Glad to see that they are planning flightstick support, anybody have any idea when this will be coming out? Will it support my x52 pro?

Game looks good but i think I will hold off playing until they enable stick support.