I’m sorry if that topic exists but I couldn’t find it.


I’m new to the game but I did try three contracts, my problem with the contract system is that it’s not clear what the benefits of each contract are.


For example what are the items that will be unlocked for each level (so I see if I like them and want to invest time in unlocking them).


What are the ships required for best use of the contract and what are their benefits ?


What are the primary roles associated with the contract ?


Bottom line I want more info so I can make an informed decision on what to invest my time.


Lastly I’m level 5 with the Empire and level 6 with Jericho and only now did I start using the contracts, I feel I missed a lot by not “Contracting” because I thought it was automatic and all were active all the time.

I believe that the last part can be resolved by making sure before your first fight that you have a Contract active so you don’t miss on that.


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Warcoholic .


I agree with this guy.


U should b able to hover over the faction level and see the unlockable modules, or hav some kinda tech tree, to see wat u get from each line. it takes ages to work out which contracts to do in order to get the modules u r after!


also contracts should hav a mini tutorial or summin b4 u do ur 1st real game

already plenty of topics about this open, but I agree