Contracts suggestion

Hi !

Something is quite boring with contracts. We can’t use our lower tier unique ships to do them. 
When we spent months to get one, we’d expect that we can fly them without such restriction.

So my suggestion here is that any ships in this list can complete contracts even when they are  not  the maximum rank for a faction :

  • Premium ships
  • Ellydium ships
  • Craftable ships (Dart, Gargoyle, destroyers)

Sounds good ?

This way we are not forced to play T5 all the damn time.

Agreed, except for craftable ships. But all Premiums at least.

I’m against this. This is just bypassing the real problem.

I already suggested to be tier based contracts(split into 5) so every player can play the way s/he want.
Tier 1 10%
Tier 2 15%
Tier 3 20%
Tier 4 25%
Tier 5 30%

of the Reward. And according to the tier is the requirement. And before the Q.Q come from hightier players come:
If for example it is kill x(200) ships,
then T1 have to kill 50,
T2 80
T3 120
T4 160
T5 the 200
The lower tier contracts are automatically done with higher tier ships as well, leaving no difference to the current one for those flying r15, but those that fly lower and don’t have the ‘max side ship’, they do the contract(s) and still be rewarded. Just less as those flying endtier.

Too complicated IMO. 


I made a similar suggestion some times ago. 

But instead, it was the same quest and same reward for everybody : t5 current reward. 

And it’s the speed progress of the mission that differ between t1 and t5.

Let’s say you have to kill 200 ship. The equivalent with my suggestion was :

Get 1000 points.

Killing one ship with a t5 grant you 5 points. 4 with a t4, 3 with a t3,… 


So in the end you can swap between t5 and t3 without any loss. And the bigger reward for lower tiers is compensated by the longer time to complete them. 


Added for review.

If i reconsider how often the contract system was changed… the current one is the “worst” imo.

I know that at the start they used a kinda similar contract system but without of the “Max Rank” requirement stuff.

Then they made it so that every factions contract was active at the same time (what was for me the most convinient version).

I don´t know what was between my break of 3 years and stuff but this Max Rank requirement thing “forces” me to play my R15 ship all the time while the rest of my fleet is not in use in order to level them up so that i only can use the free syn from my R15 ship all the time.

In combination with the “you need to change the hangar for the other contracts” it feels like an eternity to complete certain contracts before you can move on to the next contract. Another point is the PvP part that really is a chore for me. I´m not really an PvP player (never was fan of PvP in any game anyways) but if you are “forced” to go in your highest ships in combination with the current Thar´Ga spam in this tier it´s even more frustrating.

Honestly i´m not the active PvP player so that my contribution isn´t that much cus i basicly sit in my Engi behind an object and try to stay hiden all the time with some shoots here and there if an enemy comes behind the lines and this was it then already.

Removing the “Max Rank” requirement would help me at least to level my other ships faster then only wait for the Free syn to be enough (even when i get ~2-3k per PvP/PvE round in case of a win). I wouldn´t even mind the numbers cus they would come sooner or later then but so and in order to gain my vouchers and stuff i´m pretty much stuck to just 2 ships that are R15 while the rest is in slow-mo leveling phase cus of no playing chance.

Maybe even enabling the “all contracts” at the same time could be brought back as well cus in the end you would need to change the hangar for the daily mono mission anyways.

Yes please!!!

Lemme say it again!



I worked my a55 off for some of my R8-10 ships, and now they are useless to me.