Contracts: Static Refresh Timers

Timers on higher end contracts should reset statically rather then re-actively. With the current setup you’d have to setup a complicated schedule to raise your loyalties efficiently. Were this changed players could potentially get into a grove spending a few hours daily to raise their loyalties. As it stands, players don’t pay too much attention toward timers and just accept quest when available. With these revisions the loyalty grind would become better understood and further encourage the daily log in.


FI: An Event Calander

[7] Initiation : Resets on Saturday

[1] Moonlighting : Resets @ Midnight

[0] Testing : 1 hour (remains the same)


Players cannot always log on @ same times. Say I’d done Moonlighting @ midnight on Tuesday  but could only play @ noon on weds… The quest sits for an entire day… Also I would appreciate it if these daily / weekly quest point values were raised, while the number of available 1 hour quests were raised and lowered in point value. This would allow hardcore players to grind out their dailies and perhaps feel as if they are actually focusing into a single faction with smaller quests being available consecutively. 


Edit: Just realized I posted this in wrong section, guess this belongs in the “post your wishes area”