Contracts should not care what ship you fly or what ship faction type you destroy

“Destroy 10 enemy fighters”.


Well… who are your enemies?  Since we’re all “mercenaries” … then “enemy” fighters should be anyone on the enemy team, regardless of what ship type they are flying.


It’s just counter-intuitive and plain annoying that the contracts that say something about destroy such and such # of “enemy” ship type require a specific “faction” of enemy ship type, such as the one for Raid, “destroy 10 enemy fighters” - the fighters you destroy have to be fed or empire;  if you destroy 20 or 50 or tons of **jericho** fighters, you don’t complete the contract, because those enemy fighters aren’t *“enemy”* fighters.   Since everyone is a mercenary, “enemy” should just mean any ship on the opposing team, regardless of what faction manufactured the ship.

Yes, wording and requirements in many faction contracts are misleading or hard to understand. Those whom know and have learned the bad way how they work know them, but it is not user friendly way.