Contract system...

Since the last patch i am fairly certain the total ammount of loyalty vouchers i earn per hour has dropped. (e.g. 12k,10k,8k contracts used to be able to complete in 2-3 matches, now the same contracts take at least 7 wins for the same ammount)

i Suggest:

Some contracts would receive bigger rewards


Make those contracts easier… (e.g. Kill 30 fighters, this can easily take over 10 games to do, down to: kill 20 fighters)


make contracts more pve/invasion friendly, and/or mark which contracts can be done in pve or pvp.

Similar thread like this is already opened and it describes similar issues.


Please, be more specific, or you can also post here to describe what you had in mind.

Suggest something or look here below.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23974-loyalty-voucherscontracts-improvement/)

I’ve read that post before… It doesn’t really seem to convey what i am suggesting.