Contract Reward Description Suggestion

edit/ issue resolved, please add to the contract description that its corporate iridium that doesnt go into your pocket change instead of hiding such crucial information behind a crystal sign to avoid misunderstandings, especially for new players. and someone please move it to the correct section instead of leaving it here where its out of place ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


I must have had this bug for quite some time, several weeks for sure and failed to notice it until recently. Its the reward for the contract where you get 50 iridium. what happens is when you finish the contract and you complete it to get the reward, its not being added to the amount you have already. And sadly its just not the case where its not being shown the correct amount at the top right corner. At the same time trophies that you you find after a game that can be salvaged to iridium are being added. Just not from the contract.

If you read cerafully, you would see it´s not iridium for you, but for your corp. So it´s not a bug. And if you want to ask, no you will not get it when you´re not in a corp.

what exactly are you talking about? the description is rather short and no indicator whatsoever that its not “my” reward.


yes it says your reward, but when you hover your mouse over the 50 iridium reward it tells "corporate iridium, iridium owned by pilot’s corporation. all of that reward goes straight to your corp. Also like otaku said if you are not in corp you don’t get it for yourself even then. And yea i think it sucks too that pretty much only way you can get it is random rewards from battles.atleast i haven’t got any drops in open space this far, while in the past it was possible atleast.

ugh…so thats what it was… thx for clarifying things. yeah the chances to get it put aside for a sec though, why is it such a problem to include that little piece of information in the contract description where it immediatly tells what its all about. this is such a small thing and avoids so many misunderstandings if one doesnt happen to hover the cursor above the iridium sign. guess i should change the topic into a suggestion for minor improvements. and yeah…they eliminated every possible way to get it except the random chance in trophy search and with the first daily win…bit cheeky if you ask me.