Contest - The best PvE-scenario (Discussion)

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Is that a giant Mauler on the picture?

Is that a giant Mauler on the picture?


It’s the “boss” of the latest added pve, it’s called cruiser.

This is the Cruiser in the “Defence Contract”.  :fed001:

as a vague idea, put several Dozen of the buildable turrets like the ones where you block cyber transports. then send a few good rounds of pirates cybers whatever, but as the last wave send 3-4 ‘punisher prototypes’ through. If the turrets were not armed they should be able to wipe out the lazy mercinaries

So for this contest, would creating a new special operation qualify as a new PvE scenario?

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Is that a giant Mauler on the picture?

maybe you should log on to sc and check :P 



Put it in “Works” not “Discussion” :slight_smile:

Put it in “Works” not “Discussion” :slight_smile:

Thanks xD

I’ve placed it over there, but I’m going to bring it over here to the discussion area as well for the controversy now that it’s about finished, haha.


What do you guys think?


(Open for me to edit until the deadline)


T4-T5 PVE Mission


Name: Cyber Dreadnought Assault.

Location: undisclosed Cyber base.


Main Objective: The Cybers have created their own dreadnoughts using Biomorph Technology, and they are amassing for war upon the factions. 

Beware, for the Biomorphs have been spotted in the area, and they seem to have bulked up the cyber station’s defenses with their own fleet, alongside a Defiler, and one Destroyer,

they fight alongside the first cyber dreadnought!

Your job is to disable the other Cyber dreadnoughts before they have the chance to leave their docks.  



To start out, there should be radio chatter where the pilots are able to listen to what the main fleet is going through; if they’re taking heavy damage, I want to hear that distress. Of course, if we lose, their utter demise must be recorded; because, we failed to hold back enemy reinforcements. 


Start - (The whole mission is continuous, and does not have rounds.) 


4 mercenaries warp in, as contracted, to a key front where they are to break the enemy, while the three Dreadnoughts, one from each faction, and the main force, attack a much larger fleet, a Defiler, one destroyer, and the first Cyber Dreadnought in existence. There will also be smaller ships, but those can be signified by multitudes of small explosions in-between the Behemoths at war.

(Can be background, or a recorded video, but the state that your fleet is in will depend on how well your team keeps up with the mission, for instance, if the enemy pushes out even one more Cyber Dreadnought, your fleet will have a much harder time, and will show that damage is being taken heavily, and it’ll show the extra Cyber Dreadnought/s that have joined the battle in the background.)


Phase 1  your mission is to fight off the attacking Cybers, who the Biomorphs have taken sides with to defend the cyber’s dreadnoughts, in this battle. 50 cyber ships in the first round, 75 cyber ships in the second, and 30 ships in the third. The Third wave will have 3 hunters and one predator who will jump in mid-way. while the rest of the 30 enemy ships are cyber frigates and base biomorphs.

The Cybers themselves will have a good amount of damage in their guns, as will the biomorphs. 


Once they are dead, phase 2 of the waves begins.


Phase 2 - 


In Phase two, you will be joined by a small squadron of four Empire Gunships. They are Rigged to the brim with torpedoes or some kind of destructive devices, thus they are slow and lack thrusters. 

Their Objective is to destroy, or disable, the two remaining docked Cyber Dreadnoughts. Your Objective is to defend their route. If they all die, the dreadnoughts will escape towards the main battlefield, and the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. If one Gunship is destroyed, they will destroy one dreadnought, and disable the other. If two are destroyed, they will disable both dreadnoughts, however, if 3 are destroyed, you will only be able to disable one Cyber Dreadnought, and one dreadnought will escape to the main battlefield, and the main fleet will sustain heavy damage. If all four are destroyed, then the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. 


Phase 3 -

In phase three, you have succeeded in disabling, or destroying, at least one of the Cyber Dreadnoughts, but the battle does not end here.


Wave one: You must now defend yourselves against Cybers and Biomorphs who are trying to take back their station, so they can retain their ability to quickly recreate the dreadnoughts once more.

The first wave of Cybers and Biomorphs number 100 strong, however, a good number of them are damaged, as they are coming from the main battle-field.


Wave two: This round holds four predators, a Cyber frigate mini-boss, alongside 10 interceptors that spawn two at-a-time as the mini-boss is damaged. (15 ships total)


Wave three is the final wave, and from here, you can see that the decreased amount of enemy ships in the main fleet’s battle has left your main fleet with an advantage, and they have destroyed the Defiler, and crippled the destroyer, while the three damaged dreadnoughts fire their main rounds to finish off the destroyer, and begin to push their rounds to take down the damaged Cyber Dreadnought. (or the two damaged cyber dreadnoughts, if you failed to stop one of them from going into battle, in which case one of the friendly dreadnoughts may be evacuated from severe damage near the end, though the one to be evacuated can be random.) 

wave 3: The Biomorph boss ship and a stronger Cyber-Boss appear both at once. Both are equipped with large weaponry that fires quickly but with slow enough projectile speed for one to dodge.

Each shot must hurt, a lot. Alongside them, five Biomorph interceptors will jump in when the Biomorph-boss’ hull reaches 50% integrity, and ten Cyber

Interceptors will jump in when the Cyber-boss’ hull reaches 75% Integrity. 


I don’t mind if the Cyber dreadnought is destroyed at the end, but I would ask whether or not it can be captured and studied or if it can escape at the end of the mission to wreak havoc another day.

I want to do this kind of concept work for a living, so…

I hope what I submitted is of interest! :smiley:

Guys, your missions are pretty good but don’t forget to focus on waves, not stages. 

Guys, your missions are pretty good but don’t forget to focus on waves, not stages. 

Should I submit a new idea then? My current submission might not be as focused on this as devs might like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I submit a new idea then? My current submission might not be as focused on this as devs might like. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can edit your post.

maybe you should log on to sc and check :P 

nope…maybe in a month or 2

nope…maybe in a month or 2


T5 12v12 solo queue too hard?

@WolfKahn It does seem like it could be a great setting for some downright legendary battles, but think of what this would mean for those without gaming computers. You’re talking 4 dreadnoughts, a Destroyer, and a Defiler. Each of those ships will have individual turrets, models and stats to keep track of. Then mix in large numbers of smaller ships, as well as a frigate miniboss and the like… it would put a real strain on lower spec computers.

I’d like some clarification. By “include waves”, does it mean that it has to be a single stage operation with multiple waves like Defence Contract? Or does it just mean that we need to detail on what ships and the like can be found in a certain phase?

single stage operation with multiple waves like Defence Contract? 

This one is better