Contest "Flight Test" (Feedback)



As they say, how many people, so many opinions. And we are very interested to hear yours! Feel yourself as a professional critic and write your review or analysis on new ingame features from the latest updates. A detailed list of new modules, a change in the number of slots in ships and other innovations are presented in the** [Patch series 1.5 in the updates section.](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/181-patches-read-only/)**


Leave your feedback here. Patch discussion will be going [Here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/221-patch-discussion/)

i’m loving the deployables like the miniature pulsar, sniper drone partner, and the inhibitor drone, i really hope that engineers get a lot of modules like these

As for some constructive criticism, the highlight of the 1.5 patch is supposed to be the rework for the classes, that will supposedly help players with the new progression system, which will work as a campaign, anything that expands the lore of the game is welcome, the class reworks themselves have started with the command role, most of the stuff seems well balanced, the Thermal Energy Burner does deal a little too much damage and has a little too much range, aside that everything else is in good order for that, then we have the tacklers and LRFs, most of their stuff is alright too, some are a little underpowered, but its better to be that way rather than being too powerful, we all remember what happened last year, as for tacklers the module that is a little suspicious is Realignment, which regenerates 1030 hull per second for 10 seconds, which makes 10300 regenerated hull while maintaining radar invisibility, it should be toned down a little, as for LRFs their weapons were a little underwhelming, we have the Guided Thermosphere, basically a thermal Flux Phaser, which leaves a radiation cloud behind, it was about time we got a proper thermal explosive weapon, yet its not something that deals a lot of damage, which is compensated by the very long base range, the radiation damage is good, but not many targets will stick around for long enough, not even destroyers, then we have the Recoil-compensated Cannon, first time we have a weapon with actual recoil in the game, but its a little too high, it can throw you around at ~275m per each shot which is too much, I understand that its space, next to no friction, but its a frigate we are talking about, not only that but balance reasons as well, you can use that as a faster method of moving than flying, or even using it to dodge attacks, for example the Thar’Ok spheres, you can even move around while having the EM scatter field active, might want to do some balance on that too, not only that but it has a long base range as well and it can slow down your targets while pushing them, the downs and ups are there, but they are a little too extreme.

We’ll see what the future class changes have to offer, I tried to cover everything that I considered important, I would write about everything in particular but I already wrote a novel so I won’t bore you any further.

[MGS-Box camo 13][‘Sinobi’ jump 14][Radioactive cloud 13][Weapon Overcharge 17] + Mauler = rage quits in PVP

The Mine Network is not available for some players in the store!

Also, the Thermal Energy Buner is vastly too powerful. I am sick of Lokis exploiting that thing.

Notrusty’s review on current state of Star Conflict


I know this is supposed to be about latest updates , but i’m going to bring up other stuff too.


Ships specific modules

Ship specific modules are pretty interesting addition to the game. When I first saw them, I wasn’t too happy about it, because before their introduction, unpredictable behavior was only expected from Ellydium ships. But after a while I noticed that they have less inpact on the flow of the battle than I initialy tought. Usefulness of some is very restricted to a few scenarios, other just can’t do much by their nature. I wonder how coustom build ships will be able to use them, if at all.


Particles! Noises! Yay!

Addition of new grafical and sound effects is definetly nice, and it feels like some optimalization has been done. Very pleased about this one.


r16 and r17

I don’t have (and haven’t met) an r16/17 ship, but I don’t think it’s going to spiral into something terrible. It’s unlikely that players will be spread too thin just because of two extra ranks. As for the upside… I don’t know. Not sure how exactly is this game going to benefit from more ranks. 


Overall, I definetly think that Joureny update is mostly positive.


Now something about the old stuff…

Rewards/effort  ratio is off on missions

Minerals are more rare than actual  rare  resources

Currency exchange is bonkers. (1.15M credits for 2 500GS??)

Items are too common or too rare to be proprerly tradeable

Open space feels pointless. You undock, fly, return or die. No impact on the world. If spawnrate of hostile ships slowly decreased when you kill them a lot, it would fell much more dynamic.

Corporations are junk atm. 


I think I can’t put more stuff and still expect anybody to read it, so I’ll just leave it be.

The Metal Gear Solid Box is fantastic

the new "recoil Compensation Cannon is bugged when using expert mode(flight controls)
in normal mode: the player goes back with the ship, everything is fine
in Expert mode: the ship flies backwards, but the camera waits half the time between shots to follow the ship… then follows the ship while rocking the camera around and shaking violently

Other than that, I haven’t found anything seriously wrong with the other new modules. some I like, some I don’t like
a bit of feedback I see a lot of people wanting some of these modules on their secret project ships… and I honestly have to agree that the secret project ships could benefit from this update as well, if you applied to the manufactured ships the same useage the premium ships, but to allow premium ships 3 new modules, but allow manufactured ships their use with a limiter of 1 new module… it would keep the namufactured ships current, at least.

i like the plasma minigun, it’s audio and projectile color feel really exotic among other weapons

A Short Commentary on Contest Flight Test

[[A piece in progress]](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35533-star-conflict-150b/)


The version 1.5.0 and its 1.5.0b patch is an astounding piece of code upgrade. It came out prior to and during the winter festive season. This included almost instant minor patches and quick fixes of some minor bugs that evaded the eyes of the testers. And the overall feeling about these patches is that they are cared for and are kind of proudly held in high esteem. Not only are the specifics which were upgraded and their definitive ways in which their were implemented highly interesting and confidence-inspiring, they are fun and got delivered as promised in The Developer’s Diary.


Let’s start with a short outline of what got recorded in the digital annals of the space universe of Star Conflict in regard to the Journey players are invited in to participate and at the same time to make Star Conflict’s development process happen.


 I) [Fleet of ships](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35407-developer-blog-from-december-14-new-ships/) and battle rework:

  • [new ship types](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35611-be-the-first-to-get-the-resources-for-new-rank-16-ships/)
  • new weapons, modules and modifiers (3 out of 9 roles)
  • new technologies, unusual (alien) types of weapons and modules
  • new maps for battles
  • improved matchmaking system

 II) New [pilot progress and campaign system](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35569-developer-blog-from-december-28-new-progress-system-and-campaign/):

  • improved progress of pilots in game (25 pilot ranks)
  • new campaign style missions
  • major update of Open Space mode
  • a bigger galaxy map
  • new enemies & new alien species

 III) Rolling updates:

  • constant bug fixing
  • tweaks in economy system and game modes
  • balancing of game modes
  • listen to players, customers and fans
  • ongoing [pretty up of old ships](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34739-developer-blog-from-september-4-the-time-of-change/)

[topics marked in color are implemented/fulfilled]



the new bar thing that shows info is cool but it seems to clutter the screen more than i would like, as the info is not very important(to me) it would be nice to have a option to hide it with a arrow thing that other sites and games use to hide stuff that’s not needed, the new weapons are not attainable by me so i am not able to give an opinion. thanks for your time~screenshot-171227-001937.jpg.adc45424339a44cdb7e3af0d79a0b02a.jpg


Edit: while upgrading a collision compensator 6 to lv3 i noticed that maneuverability was spelt manoeuverability. screenshot-171228-165637.jpg.7ee4eef39cd185d051c10e60d3d533c4.jpg

In Mine networks description it says

…mines for Ha 12 sec…

text bug 


Nickname: misajurik 




Next Visual Glitch with Kappa Beam on Shark.

Glitch and Normal one are shown in video:
Glitch of Kappa Beam



I have to congratulate you.


With all new modules you made game interesting and more diverse. 

Also I like new modul restriction, on other hand I would like to try all modules on one ship. 

I would be interesting to see lets say that we can use all new modules on ship at same time in open space.


What I don’t like is;

For me Mauler was one of most op ships in game before patch, now it is solo on top.

On other hand I tried recoil gun and it is complete crap, to much back recoil for my taste in low tiers.


One of my favorite ship group are tacklers so I will focus on those modules more;

so combo on Panther; gauss cannon speed (11.5km/s) + Stretto (35% speed boost and cookie -35points damage resist) + Dawn locator 125% speed bonus make me  ![:007_3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_3.png “:007_3:”)

I would say possible speed is more then 25km/s for 10sec really nice. No more evading ships on other side, since we can also use inhibitor beam in that combo.



Homing laser, that gun is useless, it burns up to much energy to use it.

Plasma minigun looks good in open space with target painter and stretto combination.

Gordon’s missile launcher look well balanced but I have to say I only tested it in open space so I really don’t know if this is able to hit Tai’kin.



Stretto  I relay love this modul, speed boost + drops resists on opponents,  using it alone did not look to be op.

Dawn locator, my new favorite modul for tacklers, it is must to have when you play alone. Great modul.

Those two modules in combo with gauss cannon are really dawn of interceptor and cookie is that we are able to use one more new modul with them.


Inhibitor drone, this drone is useless. While on paper stats look good in practice 800points  durability is like glass. Guards xxxx and drone explodes. 

Hunter tactic system it is good modul only flaw that I found is in description (increases your resistance for  X points)

But it does not say if it increase shield resistance or hull or both?

Realignment modul another nice cookie in jar.

Mine network dono what to think about this, but when I compare it to other mines and minefields it makes little damage and long cool down  for one placement.


For passive modules I have to say that they all have small range so if you made it to counter intys then they are good, but against ships that are bit away not so much.


I also noticed few strange thing here, all those modules that I have tested can be used on Panther and just few of them on Rockwell. Why?

Do you thing that R12 interceptors are more OP than R15? Repair this please. Make that Rockwell can use same modules like Panther can.


Other thing is that no modules can be used on Jaguar,

so explain me please why should I build any other special ship if I can’t use cookies on them?


Oh yes I have tested few things on command as well.

Since I don’t have premium command yet I didn’t test all possible modules on one ship




All guns are awesome  , which probably mean that they are all OP.

I played with Aura and with thermal gun it transforms to tank with great fire power, impossible to kill one vs one,

even hard to kill when you have multiple opponents shooting you.


I can only dream to have Loki and all nice modules on that one ship.

I will test more modules for command after New Year. 


again complain, why can’t I use any of those modules on Saw One??

I grinded for special ships to build them and now they are worse then regular ships with all new cookies ![:005:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005.png “:005:”) 


Now big complain to new system of dread battles and collecting rewards from sectors.

This is reason why I tested all new things in open space.

Ah yes this and awful MM that we have this days.

Can you tell me why should I play PvP now?

I don’t need to play it at all, just few dread games per day and that is it.

Also if I count in League battles then it is pointless to play regular PvP.

Make this as it was before or like combo of old and new system.

Make all get rewards when they play dreads and make that owner of sector can collect max reward as long as they hold sector.

I don’t know if you noticed, but it is really hard to keep sector so getting rewards-resources just in that limited window time when we play dread su cks big time.


Now lets get to PvP, I know I know this was not in patch but listen, don’t you think it is time to do something about this?

MM is really very bad, no close games and that entering in middle of game when one team hold all beacons or when all beacons are destroyed in detonation is really really annoying.

Also One vs One  or  Two vs Two was bad, domination of one side is so big that it make people disconnect.

PvP is for me main thing why I like this game but this all what I said killed all my lust to even think on PvP.


One other thing is rewards after winning battles. Getting 1250 credits in loot after T5 victory is really …

Remove impure materials from loot also, let people collect it in open if they like.

Bad things are also bundles that we get in loot. We really need to sweat for iridium and then I get like 6x same sh it item in it.

Can you make it so that we get more than one same item each time when we open same bundle? 

I know that some items are rare, no complain here, but from five items in one bundle I always get same one is majo shi t.


Of course not all is bad in looting, it is nice to get mono crystals and components for ships.

This is very nice and with premium licence they really drop almost after each victory.


Oh yes can you increase amount in storage of some items that we collect, like amount of monocrystals to higher number?

And remove alien  composite block from looting and bundles, because they are spamming my mail box, I think all those that we get for free are more then enough.


Few words for OPEN SPACE as well,


I like Research Sector and missions that force players to be yellow and get there, I really like this.

But in general open space is still boring and making zillion predators with perma pulsar does not make it less boring.

Open space need some story that will attract players to be there.

I played some games where we had places on stations-planets where you got “Bar” where you can pick different missions to get different rewards,

lets say credits/synergy/monocrystals/ or something else as rewards. 

It does not need to be all at one time, we could get credits in one mission in other some other resources. 


If I forgot something I apologize if I didn’t test all things I will in future 


Also thanks again in general this was nice patch and things like this make this game interesting again.


Regards and happy holidays to all of you











All in all 1.5 has been a very good update. The new modules are amazing and are pretty balanced. The plasma minigun is very cool but could use A) a slight increase in base damage or B) a increase in the time to overheat. 

**nick: EnglishTUTOR

Here is my list of updates for PVE, Open Space, Spec Ops, Crew implants, and some general things:**

  1. Update Open Space:
    a) Add additional dialogues for the pirates.
    b) Make the pirates understand my rank and not to say too aggressive comments if their rank is much lower than mine.
    c) add some weird things in space. Make the pilots experience hallucinations. Add some exotic video and audio effects for the Aliens. Add dreadnoughts in Open Space where I can dock. Let me also dock to the rocket stations. Reduce Fuel Elements’ respawn. Pay more attention to players’ ideas about Open Space.
    d) add animation for Jump Gates. i.e. remove a static picture and add a video of a jump.
    e) add planets and let ships fly near their surface.
    f) make the pilots get sick with the Liu virus. They would have to find a cure to get healthy again. Meanwhile make them experience implant problems, audio/visual hallucinations, visions, let them hear and understand Aliens.

  2. Open Space. Fix the bug with Insignias in Leviathan. Now, when I collect an insignia and return to the station - I do not get any loyalty. F.e. I pick up a Raid Insignia and I am supposed to get 30.000 Raid vouchers, but when I check my loyalty - I do not have vouchers after selling this insignia.

  3. PVE. Correct the PVE mission Ariadne. It is too difficult for ranks higher than 11. Even Destroyers cannot help, and the whole team dies.

  4. Increase the storage number for monocrystals. Now there are only 500. I have already got 490, and there is no more place.

  5. Increase storage numbers in general. 2.500 > 3.500. Yes, I know that some numbers are as big as 10.000, but some are too low, f.e. Beryllium or Neodium.

  6. Correct the price for ship parts. Some parts are too cheap. Look at the Destroyer structures which need a lot of Electrum. They must be very expensive, and not those 200.000 which I can earn in 5 minutes. It takes a lot more time to get this Electrum, so it should be much more expensive, at least 5 or 15 million credits. The prices are too low in general when I want to sell things.

  7. Update SpecOps. What has been updated in a couple years? The missions are interesting, but they got boring after hundreds of times. Add new bosses, diversify their behaviour.

  8. Add more implants in Crew. There are 15 now, but now, that you increased the number of ranks to 17, why not add 2 additional implants ranks?

Also, when you introduce new upgrades/Aliens ships, make them weaker. You can always make them stronger later. Otherwise, the player base will just ctrl+alt+del and go.

Nickname Dennora  / Renamed in-game > SkullCompany
Hi everyone, this is my personal view of the game and some bug i have found.
Please don’t burn me alive ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) I have tried my best with my poor English.

- New stuff for the ships are great
It will be good to class/re arrange them inside the storage to see them immediately.
Atm they are drowned into all the other stuff, hard to find them properly.

- Penetrating beam
We honestly don’t see this beam correctly. When it fire we see almost nothing it is very hard to be accurate with it (perhaps it’s a choice ?)
- Kappa EM Beam
Same problem. It will be very cool to have an effect on screen. Just a targeting lazer same as the bot sniper will be cool.

- New Slot on ships
I love it ! More power, more possibilities, more everything.


Please do not change that or the balance of the game will be impossible.
Keep this exactly the way it is today it is very a good thinking of the game designers.

It will be very cool to match the rank of the lowest players and group them together.
I have try many PVP R1 to R3 and ALWAYS have in front of me R6 FULL stuff.

- Global Co-op / Pvp / Pve  R11 to R15
Totally unplayable when you get a new ship R11 and you want to play Co-op or Pvp or Pve.  All the player or A.i  have R15 Purple stuff. You are just crushed.
Real player base problem : Players don’t even bother to reconstruct on Pve and just resign immediately. 
Missions are way too hard and 4 ships can’t fight 150 ships who re pop immediately.
Fire power is way to high and be OS 20 times and lost is not fun at all. And this explain why we waiting 5 to 20 minutes to find any party.
It will be cool for everyone to Pack  player per ranks    R11/R12    R12/R13    R13/R15   and same obviously for the A.i or less. 150 R8 vs 4 R11 is already a challenge.

- USING ANOTHER REGION TO PLAY - Playing in another region is almost impossible.
I am in Europe, if i want to play at 5 o clock in the morning or with my friends in Russia or in any other Region i simply can’t.
controls have delays, i d k how to describe it, it’s same as flying a jet who have “shakes”   when i try to Roll/Pitch/Bank  my command work but they add another moves
(it duplicate my moves and add more after the move is done, each time i move) and you simply can’t fly.
And i am not alone having this problem.

- Open Space
-Loot are total crap, Open space is E.M.PT.Y and no one care about it because the loots even with a spatial scanner are totally useless.
-The money and the quality value of the loots need at least to be multiply by 10.   
-No blue print, NOT ONE, never ever in 8h straight. 
-Some Mysterious container you made 20 minute to find, have so lame item inside you don’t even bother to keep them.
-When a player put efforts on something hard as your open space and put money on scanner the minimum to get in return is good stuff!
-What the point to go in open space 3h to get nothing and cost more than playing a R3 ship 30 minutes.
-At this moment Open space is just useful to up R11 / R15 ship full syn in 3h.  Ok. You can do that by suppressing everything and keep “Tracking station”.
-Your Open space could be magnificent. Add some balance and idea will not take years but atm it is not very popular.
Who do not dream to open a container and get something exciting ?
-Why you do not add Blue Prints who can be ONLY FOUND in OPEN SPACE ? The Rank of the BP will depending of the Rank of the sector, for example.
This way lower rank player get lower BP in lower sector. …
-You can add some event same as a 15 predators comes with escorts and a Dread appear to help player and jumps in the middle of the screen, if player help the dread the dread win if not he is destroyed.
-It is not complicated to add exciting thing inside your open space you have already all the stuff to do it.
-Stop taking players for yo-yo. When we are in open space we do not want come back to base EACH TIME we have done 1 mission. We want to do many mission in a raw.
please when we finish something just give use a new one on the spot or closer. We have RADIO on space fighter you know.
-Add more mission per day it’s so bad to have only 3 missions each days.  It’s really boring and cost a leg to get NOTHING. 6 mono per day, i get this in 20min with R3 co-op.
And it do not cost me tone of stuff and 20k ammunition. Again here, you loose more than you win.

Voila ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

have a good game mercenaries ^^


My Star Conflict name is 2ndPersonPlural


1.5 Was an interesting update.  Here are my thoughts:

The Golden Battles and the New Modules quest from Ms. Frost are great ways to earn GS.  I now have more GS than I have ever had brfore.  Star Conflict can often feel grindy, and some grind is good, but GS have always been hard to get.

The New Ship Object NY18 feels underwhelming.  Maybe I’ll change my mind after I’ve built it, but just logging on every day for ten days to get a ship feels cheap.

The new modules are a good way to make ships more unique.  Lately I’ve been feeling like all the ships are basically reskins of other ships, but these modules make them feel unique again.

I had been playing Star Conflict less and less, but this update got me back into the game.


Now, what is wrong with 1.5.0:

The reward balance still feels off.  I always have more raw materials than I can use, and I’m always scrounging for credits.  I sell lots of neodium, xenocrystals, and other valuable resources because I have too many of them and not enough credits.  There is the same problem with iridium, I miss the old system where all of your iridium rewards went to you and you could choose how much to give to your corporation.  My corporation’s iridium storage is usually full, so when I get iridium from contracts it is wasted.

The English translation is another problem.  Quest instructions and UI text are sometimes ambiguous or unclear.  This has always been a problem, but is getting better.

Some of the new modules are very powerful, while some seem almost useless.  I’m sure this is just a matter of balancing the stats, and I look forward to seeing what they all look like after the players have time to test them en masse and the devs have a chance to tweak them.

When the update first came out, some modules displayed stats incorrectly, showing formatted code language instead of numbers, for example things like “:shield_regen: points of regeneration” instead of “2000 points of regeneration”.  This seems to mostly be fixed now.

The PvP quests make open space more fun, but when it’s concentrated all in one zone it gets very hectic.  Maybe it would be better to spread those quests for player kills over two or three zones, or maybe have it take place in the alien zones Otherworld and Inverter.


All in all, 1.5.0 has been better than the Destroyers update or the Invasion update.  The grind is more manageable and the gameplay is more fun, it just needs some balancing.

Hello again, 


there is bug on Improved charge algorithms modul used on command ship.

Description say;  Module cooldown is reduced 15% it does not work on all modules just on special command modules.

So here we have description that is wrong or modul is broken.




Ingame Name: TheShooter36


Hi. After testing the new modules a bit i must say they add alot of diversity. However there is one problem that being they promote usage of premium ships more than regulars due to premiums having access to more of these modules. Lets look at some modules that are stands more than other modules:


-Kappa and Penetrating beam

They need a more pronouncing visual effect. After all you fire a mini deathray.




While the concept is a cool one it has possibility of making tacklers a bit too powerful.


-MGS Box


Infinite scatter field. I am not sure how to feel about this. Pretty much makes the scatter field module obsolete.


-Thermal Energy Burner


Too much range, too much damage. Too much projectile speed. Too much energy burn.

Ok so. To get started, I’m in love with the recent updates. Y’all went above and beyond. Lots of cool new things and promises of even cooler newer things. That I like.


Now on to my module review… I’m just going to go down the list of modules and “yea or nay” them and give some feedback. Nothing too fancy. Just a few rants.




Dawn Locator:

Overall feels like a very nice addition to Tacklers as both recons and covies can be very slippery when it comes to visibility. The projectile speed buff seems a bit over the top though but is a nice addition to tackler takedowns after revealing their target.


Inhibitor drone:

Just a third drone on the pile of drones. The slowing affect radius is very small and barely helps. I’d suggest making the projectiles slow rather than the drone itself. Not sure how I think about more slowing mods though. Tacklers are already very annoying.


Beam disintegrator:

Every ship needs a straight up beam cannon option. Good module.



Good module and great for sneaking away from a battle while healing. Though the duration seems a bit long. Maybe make it 8 seconds.


Slowing projector:

Should be called ‘stasis projector’. The stopping affect is fantastic combined with the need for good aim. I’d reduce the active range though. Maybe 2,000m.


Hunter tactical system:

This is a great takedown module and is honestly pretty OK. Nothing really seems wrong here.


Stretto gun system:

Good boost to accuracy. I like the resistance effect too. Though you might consider leaving it at 25pts.


Mine network:

Very fun module and surprisingly underpowered. The debuff is very minor and the damage can be shaken off easily. It’s best against slow/stationary targets as far as I can tell, rather than fast/agile targets.


Promethius defense:

Fun module to keep up with allies with. The healing effect is just icing on the cake.


Penetrating beam:

Every ship needs a straight up beam cannon option. Good module. Hard to aim up close though for some reason.


Reserve energy circuits:

Good module. We needed an RoF booster module.


Mass charge accelerator:

A unique module in that it provides different buffs for different states. I might change it to a toggle, rather than an instant module though.


Energy cube:

The energy burning effect area is very small and could use a buff. The ally module cooling effect also seems a little buggy. The modules show reduced cooldown count, but once the cube vanishes or the player leaves range, the cooldown jumps back to full time.


Kappa EM beam:

Every ship needs a straight up beam cannon option. Good module. Though the EM resistance buff is a bit large. Maybe cap it at 60 to 80 points.


Mobile Pulsar:

Fun module but very underpowered. Best used for revealing cloaked targets rather than on actual offense. It also is destroyed in one hit from literally anything. That’s a problem.


Repelling shield:

Nice casual bubble shield. The push effect is weak though.


Radioactive cloud:

Very interesting module. I like the idea of a cloud left behind from disintegrators, but it makes torpedo clouds absolutely deadly. Maybe it should have some other effect for them.


Shinobi Jump:

Very good addition. A non crafted version of the reverse thruster was a fantastic addition. Also, having both equipped at the same time is super fun. Keep that.


Sniper drone partner:

This drone is slow and absolutely worthless. 0/10 would not recommend. Not only does it not deal very much damage, but the range is super small and it is a massive object that floats over your ship and reveals you. Cloak it and give it way better range. Also stop using the holiday bauble drone design for heavy drones. It just looks silly.


Energy sharing:

This module turns any LRF in to an interceptor for 10 seconds and I absolutely love it so much. Keep this exactly the way it is.


Target highlight mode:

Every ship needs a straight up beam cannon option. Good module.


Surkov ballistic processor:

Honestly very fun and makes a great choice for keeping on top of fleeing targets. The range and projectile speed boost pair very well and make the module feel great.


Hindenburg supercharge:

I love destroyers so I think we should destroy this module. It’s very good in PvE though. No more nerfs to destroyers please.


Dome MDS:

This is the most fun I’ve ever had with a module ever. Keep it exactly as it is, but reduce the cooldown or increase the range a bit.


Energy systems destabilizer:

Seems balanced. Good addition. Hell for destroyers or inties.


Relocation mechanism:

The range is waaaaaayyyy too low. I Mena way too low. What am I supposed to do with a measly 3.1km? I could fly that distance on my own. Raise the distance to maybe 7km or so. Also remove the LoS factor. Too many things can make the module go poof and do nothing. Dessy shields, random debris, another ship, a deployable, anything. Maybe make it stopable by crashing in to something. Idk.




Now for passives:



Dynamic Superchargers:

Seems a but weird to only give a 50pts/s boost to energy when using afterburners. Sure it cuts the cost but it’s a bit silly. Maybe make it need to be going 90% or higher or something.


Adaptive maneuver booster:

Fantastic module in PvP and PvE. You can easily turn any tackler in to an interceptor with this thing.


Special module boost:

Basic af. Straight damage increase is pretty ok at the cost of a mod slot.


MGS Box camo:

Good module. Pretty balanced. I always thought this kind of thing would suit an LRF perfectly.


Integrated thermoshield:

Teamwork is OP.


Master Shinobi auto-jump:

Good module. Well balanced. May need less cooldown though.


Particle Flow Disruptor:

Fantastic example of what should already have been part of weapons mechanics. Good addition though. Makes for a whole new line of long range builds.


Progressive energy flow:

Good countermeasure for multiple targets locking you under diffusion shield. Though the buff does not last long enough to really counter the new incoming damage. 3 seconds is easily the time it takes a less experienced pilot to even react to a new lock.


Volumetric energy absorber:

This should be on more ships. Very useful and not OP. Good job devs.


Emergency Regeneration:

This little emergency repair kit should be a multipurpose passive module for literally all ships. Make it able to be found as-is in after battle loot, and be equipped on all ships of all ranks. It is a very nice module but keeping it to one ship is a bad choice.


Emergency shield recharge:

Seems more like a general Jericho exclusive shield module than a random command ship module. Useful though.


Reloading calibration:

being stationary is enough of a malus to reloading modules faster. Remove the shield destroyer part.


Blood harvest:

Interesting module. The buffs for each damage boost should be the same length. Pairs greatly with active modules that boost specials.


Combat accelerator:

Basic weapon enhancer. Seems ok.


Imlroved charge algorithms:

Just install them on the ship PC instead of wasting a whole module. Jk this is fine.


Procedure booster:

I like the whole ‘regen while cloaking’ thing. The module recharge function needs to be flat numbers not a percentage, because the module cooldown timers just jump back up to their original values once the buff wears off.