Contagion [Module]

Name: Contagion

Type: Rare Active Module (found in alien and cyber sectors in open space).

Recharge: 60 seconds

Range: 1,000m

Tooltip: Once activated, fires a vial of contagious proto-virus at the crosshairs. If it hits a ship or enemy object, they become “infected”. Upon infection, the ship takes 250 raw damage, then does not know that they are infected. After some time, they take random minor hull damage and modules or missiles will randomly activate. If another enemy object or ship comes within 300m of the infected ship, they too become infected and can pass it on. The infection lasts for 240 seconds and ships can only be re-infected once every 120 seconds. Ships that have been infected for longer than 180 seconds will leave behind a trail of black smoke and green particles. Nothing but time can cure the virus.