Conquest timer change.

What do people think of either an 11 hour timer or a 7 hour timer? (or something similar)


An 11 hour timer would slowly shift the viable combat time to dispute over a sector. A corps strength would grow or diminish based on the time it’s players are most active. This would help keep the game from becoming static.


A 7 hour timer would create an even more dynamic experience. People have jobs and kids and sometimes sleep. A 7 hour timer would make it so people with a lot happening in their lives could gear up and focus on self improvement as a team until their most opportune timer appears. Not everyone wants to be in a max capped Corp, friends would have a chance at sector domination.

Comments? Opinions?

I don’t think anybody cares all that much before sector conquest actually means anything.

Yea, what Snib says, sorry to keep you waiting BM, forgot about the thread.

Atm sector conquest’s meaning is something less than a chewing gum stuck on your shoe.

It represents nothing, it influences nothing; unless you want to brag with 10+ sectors conquered by your corp mates equalling (maybe) with good win/loss ratio.

That’s pretty much it, nobody gives a damn right now.

Bump up the threads again (i saw you have 2 suggestions) when they get a meaning if you want and will still be around.