Congratulator [Ship]

Name: The Congratulator

Type: Unique Destroyer

Rank: 5

Speed: 200m/s

A/B speed: 250m/s

A/B energy: 400p/s

Hull: 70k

Shield: 55k

Shield regen: 250p/s

Energy: 9k

Energy regen: 600p/s

Description: Appears as a smaller destroyer with vivid colors and a unique, rigid looking hull. Much like a cross between Jericho and Empire design. Command tower at the top-back and 3 active modules in a straight line along the top of the ship in front of the tower. One active module below the command tower. Looks like a real-world destroyer but with more fun added. One central main engine with 4 afterburners in an X shape around the main engine.


Primary weapon: Confetti Cannon

Damage: 3,650 Thermal

RoF: 60rpm

Maximum range: 6,250m

Projectile speed: 2,250m/s

Blast radius: 300m

Tooltip: Fires rockets containing scraps of metal and debris that closely resembles party flare. Enemies caught in the explosion leave behind a long and easily visible trail of colorful debris for 8 seconds. Allies caught in the blast recover 100-1000 hull points.


Active Module: AA Gun

Is a clone of the thermal blaster turret that is always on its highest firing rate but does not slow enemies. Active mode makes projectiles explode in to confetti like the primary weapon.


Active Module: Firework Barrage

Is a clone of the Tempest Launcher, but activation only launches one missile at the crosshairs, and the cartridge passively reloads slowly. Missiles do not swerve and explode in to 500m firework clouds that blind enemies in them for 2 seconds.


Active Module: Party Popper

Recharge: 10 seconds

Energy: 1,200p

Range: 5,000m

Tooltip: Fires a capsule containing useful items. Allies can pick it up and be granted a random gift. Regeneration, resistance, speed, invulnerability, a helpful drone, extra missiles, increased damage, and more! If an enemy picks it up, they receive the same effects but in a negative way.


Active Module: Bubble Gun

Recharge: 12 seconds

Energy: 1,200p

Range: 4,000m

Drone durability: 3,500p

Drome active time: 80 seconds

Shield radius: 1,500m

Maximum # of active drones: 3

Tooltip: Fires a drone that creates a spherical shield around itself that allies can hide in. Allies receive automatic compliments from the user via chat while inside the shield, to boost morale.

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