Hello everyone, I’m a relatively new player, I started playing since 2-3 days and I’m finding myself pretty well.

As of the title, congratulations to devs for making this game and how well they’re organizing it. I love how with this game still being in Open Beta it is still a pleasing game to play, I love the graphics, gameplay and ships design and I love how the site is well organized (most free to play games have horrible sites).

I have to admit this game can get quite confusing sometimes, but I trust devs will adjust everything with time.

I hope more weapons (not weapon types, as they’re fine in my opinion) and game modes will come soon because this game is pretty amazing, and also wish the playerbase will get bigger and bigger!

Said this, ingame I am Kingdrake and I mostly use Fighter with plasma guns, hope to find some of you ingame!

P.s.: I wanted also a little clarification: sometimes I see people accelerating to lighting speed in no time, is that some kind of module or what? Because they look a little too fast to be holding just ‘Shift’.

Hello and welcome Star Conflict,

it is nice to hear that you like the game so much.

And yes the game will be even better in the future. There are new patches from time to time with improvements and some new content.

Perhaps we see each other in game when I get some time for playing.

Yes it is a module. It is the special ability of the Empire Interceptors. They get warp speed for a few seconds.


I’m glad to know it will be updated so often.

Nice, did not know each faction had different ship modules, can’t wait for Jericho then!

I can’t still understand if it is the graphic engine that is amazing, since I couldn’t think my GeForce 405 (ugh…) could handle such graphics (even though I still play without dynamic shadows to get perfect smooth framerate), or the texturers/modelers that did an awesome job, or both ahah.

One thing: if in the future you could happen to need an Italian translation, I will gladly offer myself to support this game!

As I know it is a grafic engine developed by the company.

For the translation we will see in the future.

Hello everyone.

Well, I’m returning to play SC after long time.

The game is simply fantastic. The graphics, explosions, gameplay, ships are very good and too no lag.

My congratulations.