Congratulation Star Conflict.

On the 28.2.2013, 15:30 GMT +1, the game reached more than 1000 players online at the same time.


nice ship by the way !! :stuck_out_tongue:

When i went to bed yestaday,the game was on 1800+ online ppl.

nice thing, congrat!

yah last time i play  i see 450 max players. Yesterday i see 1252 :what:

Yesterday late evening (Moscow time) there were 2800 people.

All thanks to Steam and TotalBiscuit  :01212:


3500 at this point.

Yeah 3500 and a huge queue to access the game that does not works correctly, it seems a lacking of server capacity… sad and if this continues many people will leave.

I just believe the poor devs got a little obverwhelmed :wink:


Heres a good reason for my money devs, MOAR SERVER POWAH *laughs*


Peak 4500, well done TB and Steam.


Peak 4500, well done TB and Steam.

and sever is full