Confirmation box when spending Galactic Standards

As the title says. I was unpleasantly suprised that nickchange apperantly costed me GS after 1 change. Would be nice to have a confirmation box asking to agree spending X ammount of GS on Item X.



It clearly states how much it costs in the dialog where you change it.

Packs of cigarettes clearly state your gonna die when you smoke.


The cost suddenly appears after you changed it the first time, without warning. Due to the slow network i did a typo and i was forced to change again. Again a confirmationbox would have been nice, if only to point me to the fact the price has changed. That’s normal in a shop/customer relation, don’t you agree? It’s not uncommon in other products the gaming industry produces.

Well it’s only 100GS anyway, I have renamed myself half a dozen times for xxxx and giggles only :stuck_out_tongue: