Confirm Button when you find Loot

I really didn’t know where to put this suggestion so if it’s wrong, please feel free to move it to the correct section, thanks.


Tittle says all: I would like to have a Confirm Buttom when you find Loot, because I’ve lost over 600 credits missclicking. 

Sure you must be careful but sometimes you go fast because you want to start another game and you missclick, wasting unnecessarly credits. I never bought credits, so you can imagine how much they cost for me. I didn’t even get the Loot, with is more damn frustrating so please, add a Confirm Buttom if you say click on “Pay to Search”


Thank you very much and sorry for my bad grammar.

i aggre 100% i lost to many gold for this.

Another solution is to put in the top non where you click for loot…


Plz do

Same happened to me, I spend gold in a engine inhibithor and i am interceptor :sad:

Wasn’t in such a haste to misclick so far, but it would be nice of the game to ask for confirmation in EVERY instance of you spending real money, thank you very much.





didn’t missclick yet, but i’m biting my fingernails at every looting session

I agree +1’d



Also, I agree as well.

Having done this myself… Ah what the hell, here you go, have an upvote… You’ve earned it:



losing rl money because of a simple missclick should never happpen. there MUST simply be a confirm dialoge, i have lost GS to this as well.