complaint of unfair play in the war!






for the attention of developers and moderators.


Hi! I speak on behalf of [IT4LY] Tricolor Hawks

we were attacked by the [XYRMA] Xenomorph, but they are not playing legally!

They disconnect from the pvp battles in which they meet us, in order not to take damage! they know we have players who can beat them and so they don’t want to face us! This is not correct! It is not clear why they are winning if we meet them only a few times and when we meet them we let them cry! I think they are using a failed game mechanic to their advantage, so they score points without facing us!


we have already tried to check if any of our “young” players were taking so much damage to justify 100,000 and more damage. But is not so! However even if this were the case, our strongest players cannot recover, because they disconnect as soon as they see us!


I would like to remind you that: taking advantage of a failed game mechanic, as a way to win without a fight, is forbidden by the rules!



thank you.    





Did you guys report such activity?