Compilation of GUI improvements

As most of you know, Dreadnoughts are just around the corner, which means that soon development team will have some resources that might be allocated (sooner or later) to improvement of game interface. I know that we have plenty of suggestions all over the forums, but i want to compile short informative list of things that would be great to have here, the whole list will be forwarded to the dev teams, so no discussions, nor usual “classic off-topic” - have nothing to suggest, pass along.

Keep in mind that it does not mean that the whole thing will be implemented, this is rather an “inspiration” list, but who knows, maybe some of them will be done just the way you present. Keep in mind that this is only for a Graphical Interface (hangar/combat/Invasion) but not for actual game-play changes/revamps, nor new game-mechanics, for example - “distance to incoming missiles” is a GUI, but “automatically group people into wings in invasion” is game mechanic, so keep all of this in mind.

Time frame for this list to be completed is about the time Devs team comes back from Russian NewYear holidays (early January)

Please keep it short and spot on, there is no need for explanation on why you want it or think this will be good, post only what you think is good.

  • Combat:

* distance to closes incoming missile

* arrow to a “Eyes on target” object, when it is not in LoS. Have “Eyes on target” object indicator persist for ~10 seconds after it has been pinged or until new “Eyes on target” comes up

* Add squad “Eyes on target” separated from randoms by color, but it shows to “random” teammates in the game as a regular “Eyes on target”

* Add “color wheel” to customization of combat interface. rather than presets.

* Ability to have both Radar and 2d map on the screen in the same time

* Add Numerical representation on a radar distance circles

  • Hangar

* Allow mouse-drag of interface windows, ability to change window sizes. Ability to re-size a Chat window

<reserved for the list>

  • Everything

* Change font to Comic sans on everything. Or add option to change font.

* Add new UI color themes/themes. So we can make it like more steampunk type ui as an example.


  • Invasion

* Add a window or interface that shows everyone in the group/wing.

* Add options to leave group in invasion, and start group and convert into wing in invasion

  • Chat

* Have the chat say when a friend or corpmate is connected but only appears for those it applies to. Make it an option set to checked by default.


-“Lock any target” hotkey becomes “lock nearest target”

-drone and autonomous structure health is shown on side of screen, where you can right-click them to self-destruct them.

I would like to request more tasteful attractive women.


And a tracking box for missiles. While I’m at it, I want missiles to have hull, with 300 thermal resistance of course. Not that greedy.


*no overlapping boxes (would probably be solved by being able to resize the chat box)

*click outside of the pop-up boxes for Leaderboards, Ships etc in order to close them, i.e. instead of having to click the little cross.



I’ll think of some more in the coming days

More seductive women voiceovers. Pictures of women who don’t have to show cleavage to be pretty.

Hangar ui suggestions:


  • when docking in invasion get a list of all loot you gathered, including those who are send from cargo drones




  • show amount of credits, vouchers you gathered (maybe in map view show with tab)

Color code the text we are typing into the ingame chat window to the same color of the chat we are about to post to. Some kind of feedback for goons like me that are always posting in the wrong chat would be very helpful. I’m always posting “sorry wrong chat”.

sorry to stop this - topic locked


each suggestion should have its own thread accordingly to the guideline

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25406-guideline-for-suggestions/)


so each proposal can be reviewed individually


most of the proposals above have already been raised neverthelesse