compare Dark star one and suggestion

-first thing first, i sorry my bad english


-I have played this game few day ago and i compare it with video game Dark star one, i think it have more thing to improve


1.Bug firgate drone(i think so): when i played “evil jaw” i selected jer T3 firegate crusader and hide behind a big rock near spawn position(because me and allies cant get out, the enemy too strong) :fed013: . An enemy firegate had come and stay on other side. His Drone hit me through the rock :008j: !!!.


2.In map(sorry i dont remember its name) use bomb to destroy the beacon. I play a fighter i had a bomb and:

+I had bomb but i event know i have it. Is there no warning show on the screen ore icon(may be i not see make it easy to see or know i had a bomb :wacko: ).

+When i had the bomb, Ohm what 's next? I dont know. I lost in space, lost direction because enemy chasing me and i dont know where is the beacon :what:?

3.What if the enemy guard the repawn zone? i think you have answer for it :facepalm: .

+When enemy bomb plan on the beacon or it destroy no warning show on. I think when enemy bomb come near 2000m to the beacon it should show alert which beacon is in danger(A, B, C??).


3.Balance and suggestion:

+add auto fire gun(or cpu or what ever to make gun auto fire target near it or it can like in dark star one, and better have a swicth turn it on off) to jer frigate because they are big support ship so they have more space to carrier that system. The pupose is keep the fighter or interceptor far away enough and frigate not their prey and they can defent themself. Because you dont want when you snipe or control tolerpo they came  and FREE destroy your ship with six free gun watch show or any resit. 

+finally special weapon on jer firegate is not good. Because in T2(or may be T3) many ship can destroy the tolerpo it to easy to do that with skill, drone, or item kill missle(sorry i dont remember its name) and tolerpo become useless. So i think we should can choice to implent Nuke war head to it when fire tolerpo(depend how many you have in a battle), or may be jammer(jam the enemy radar and drone or anything cant break it), or themarl war head, EMP war head.


4.The warehouse it a mesh it hard to find, it should be filter by ship i can select ship and it show all item of that ship. I have bought many ship and many item put on its. i want to see which item is being used by which ship.


5.The firegate should have 12 gun slot, fighter 8, interceptor 4 surround the ship and limit the gun for each ship by class firegate 6, fighter 4, interceptor 2 so i can chance gun position. And why gun position is really important? just know if all gun on the top of the ship and the enemy coming in the bottom how can fast respond(especially firegate have slow rotate).


finally, Dev should take a look at Dark Star one idea to improve this game, thx