Players in general and Commanders need (simple) communication options. Quick buttons to commands to issue orders or say things like:


-Defend Beacon A/B/C!

-Protect the Commander!

-Attack [this] target!


Maps could be divided into quadrants. Players/Commanders could highlight them via ctrl+click or something. Other players can quickly open their map and see a flashing quadrant as a rally point.


One last idea. Regardless of the game mode (except for Commander mode), there should be a Squadron leader/captain appointed (in a random fashion, or maybe an opt in option) who can give these kinds of commands. The purpose of limiting (some) communication devices to one player is so the game is not flooded with them.


tl;dr - We need streamlined ways of communicating with our team.

Needed, especially with language barriers.


I would NOT follow random player who got squad leader. For now, Teamspeak is a good alternative, however in game quick commands would be nice for those without microphones. Squad numbering system would help: as per this thread. A better map system would help with organizing things as well. You know how when you press the TAB button you see a map of the area? I’d like to have one of those as a mini-map somewhere on the screen.