Commodity stock market.

Dear developers!

I’m afraid I cause you a lot of work! It is my opinion, that the trade chat confusing. The inserted offers quickly scroll out. I think you should do a “commodity stock market” screen. Here appears the seller’s name, the offered item and the expected price. If someone want to sell, select an item and give an expected price (not a disadvantage, if he know the minimum price). This item will be added to stock exchange. So buyers more easily see all offers. The buyers can compare offers together. And seems the extremely high price. Of course, the seller can delete item from market.
The screen can watch in seller’s order and item’s order. Like this: 

58eb4373b88c0_Nvsorrend.png.370ceb04867041045e32e4e1ddeed34e.png      58eb438683daa_Trgysorrend.png.347a6dbfaea60a3252238174cc223db5.png

Then the buyer can click on the seller’s name and can negotiate with him the same way as before. The seller send the items in mail, as before.
If a seller reach the daily transaction limit, then his name will be grey. This indicate that on that day he can’t enter into a new deal.
That was the idea! See you later in the space!  ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”)

Just Split the “trade” into wts or wtb. Would have soli everything. Wtb only available to attach items you don’t have yet, and wts only for items you already own.