Commo Rose

Hello to everyone reading this, I currently have every faction to T2, but no T3 ship as of yet, so if things change in the later tiers, please tell me. I still consider myself new so I’m not claiming to know anything about how the last two tier matches are like.

In the matches I have played and can talk about however, I can say that in this team orientated game, people don’t communicate. And that’s not their fault. I seldom find time to type out something while I’m alive, because I’m too busy dog fighting/ capping/ running the bomb/ etc. And by the time I’m dead, what I had to say is usually invalid by then, and I imagine this is how it goes for others as well. Squads are the only exception to this, but they often, but not always, use Teampseak, Ventrillo, Steam Chat, etc.

So I propose a commo rose to be activated by key press. I had two ideas for this.


Idea One:

Basic Commo Rose on key press. Would broadcast in the channel you are currently on. Subscript would be additional Options if the command is clicked.


Roger                  Negative
Defend… A B C Bomb Carrier           Attack… A B CBomb Carrier
Need Backup      Follow Me
                Fall Back



Idea Two:


The format is the same as the other two, but it’s customizable instead of preset. For example, maybe I didn’t care about Roger and Negative, so I change it to say Hold This Position or Sector Clear or such. The benefit would be the ability to rework commands to your liking, or maybe you don’t like the plain Attack and want Storm the Front or something.



I know there are some problems with this suggestion, such as people spamming, but I think it may promote teamwork as a whole.

I’m a bit new, so very sorry for any errors, mistakes, or if I’m simply flat out wrong. I also apologize if there is a thread on this, I did not see any and a search did not yield any either. I hope you enjoyed my suggestion and if you have criticism, or improvements, please don’t hesitate to post.

Argh! Battlefield 3 forums flashback!!


In all honesty: +1, I would like to have a few simple commands to use, although they’re made a little less necessary by those little voice clips that let you know when someone else is also attacking your target.


However, as with every other MP game, get yourself a squad and voice chat and you’re sorted.


PS: Please god no voice chat in game, if I want to hear some guy noisily eating crisps into his mic then I’ll just listen to my own mic’s feedback.