Just for the sake of making them worthwhile, howabout commendations from your team gives you a bonus in credits multiplied by the number of commendations, and commendations from enemies give thecsame kind of bonus to your synergy?

They should remain worthless, because it’s what they are. 

Well then. O.o

Well then. O.o


I mean it’s annoying enough that squads or members from the same corp just give likes to each others even if they perform horribly, giving them additional resources is just unfair. 

Oh yeah. Didn’t think aboot that.

Well then it’s easy enough to stop them from being able to commend a squaddie.

it can be abused if users from the same corp play since guys in BOJ give the thumbs up on other guys from BOJ should they ever meet in PvP.

I think credit reward for medals (albiet small) is far better and more balanced since you can easily wrack up a nice handful per game.

That is so much better! Yes! And for the much harder medals like maniac and last man standing and cap-eat-cap you could get a small GS reward like 20 or something.