Command's weapon modification (Phaser)

Let’s talk about our dear Phaser. 


Since the beginning, I think this weapon is really bad designed. The concept in itself is cool : One weapon, 2 different use. But there are tons of problems with it :

  • The high RoF mode kill your fingers (and mouse) because you need to click  90 times per minute.
  • The low RoF mode don’t have a lead indicator -> Hard to use
  • Worst of all, the detonation of a charge by hitting one slow charge with a fast charge is nearly impossible to use unless you stand still and don’t rotate and don’t move your mouse.


So I made this topic because I have an idea to solve all these problems. How ? Double Click

Make that the weapon swaps between Fast and Slow charge mode everytime you double click the fire button. And everytime you go from “Singularity mode” to “Railgun mode”, a fast projectile is automatically sent on your last charged sphere to make it detonates. 



In case some of you don’t get what I’m saying, here’s a small example.

You join a battle, and spawn in your command with a Phaser.

The phaser default mode is Fast projectiles, and the leading indicator show where you need to aim for fast projectiles. When you keep your fire button pressed, a fast projectile at a rate of 90 per minutes is shot. Exactly like a railgun.

Then you want to use charged slow projectiles. So, double click on your fire button, and now your phaser go into Slow projectiles mode. Now the leading indicator show where you need to aim for slow projectiles instead. Of course, when you keep the fire button pressed, it fire a slow charged projectile, at a much lower RoF. Exactly like a singularity canon.

Cool, but you then want to fire a slow charge and detonate it. No problem, First you fire your slow charge where you want it to be. Then double click to go back on Fast projectile mode. And when the “railgun” mode is loaded, it automatically shoot a fast charge in the direction of the last slow charge fired with the “singularity canon” mode. Calculating by itself where it needs to aim for the fast charge to hit the slow charge. And BOOM.


-> Everything solved. Don’t kill your hand/mouse anymore. You can have a lead indicator for slow charges too. And you can use the detonation part without standing still. 


BTW, we can also add a drawback to the weapon, by making that every mode swap overheat the weapon by 15-20%.

What do you guys think of it ?


This would be greatly appreciated.