[Command phaser] A solution to all it's problems!

Hi ! 


I was just thinking about Phaser, and how it’s mechanics are badly implemented. 

I already made a suggestion to improve Phaser, but may be impossible due to technical reasons. 


But this time I got a much better idea, which requires to change practically nothing but improve the use by A LOT. 


Currently we have :

Click = Fast charge. 

Press = slow charge. 


Which requires quite a lot of clicks because of the fast charge RoF, and also give the slow charge a weird “delay” before firing. 



My solution? 

Click : Slow charge. 

Press : Fast charge. 



And surprisingly, it solves both issues! 

Slow charge having a low rate of fire, it’s not a problem to have to click instead of using a constant press (it’s actually what I do with singularity). 

And a constant press for the fast charge allows to use the full potential of the medium Rate of fire. 





Sound good? 

Would fast clicking function?
Your solution need to be tested indeed!
+1 for this.

no, fire rate of small charge is not high enough to effectively work with hold and aim, it is just like gauss - you aim, you shoot when needed, but you have to align the moment of a shot and a moment when you aimed. Even singularities do much better if you don’t just hold it, but shot by click (against something that actually moves)

But it’s not slow enough to requires a click per shoot. A RoF above 100 is too much.

1 minute ago, Swifter43021 said:

But it’s not slow enough to requires a click per shoot. A RoF above 100 is too much.

and yet it is not high enough for a hold pew-pew to be efficient.

I am not happy with how slow charge is, but I don’t like the idea of swapping them.

The phaser is a heavy-skillshot weapon so any change in its mechanics is in most cases a bad change. I would like to see a aim reticle switching mechanism that reacts to your click&hold speed rather than just switching the fire modes.