Comm Network game type

Comm Network is a game type where players must capture adjacent beacons to earn points, the longer the “network” the more it’s worth, while single beacons are worth nothing. Capturing a beacon in the middle of the opponent’s network reduces it to 2 smaller networks that are worth less combined than the single long one. Players defend and build their networks and/or try to break the other team’s network apart. Adding more beacons to various maps would be needed, more than 3 beacons would make games more interesting.

Sounds interesting but it would spread out fighting. Aren’t most star conflict maps designed to concentrate fighting in certain locations? I feel a lot of maps would have to be redesigned to accomodate this gamemode.


However I love complex strategy, so +1 from me for the idea, now let’s see if the devs can work off it somehow. Maybe in a redesign of domination gamemode?

Sounds like unreal tournament onslaught mode:


The concept is very cool. But the current scale of SC battles doesn’t allow that. It would be very cool if we had an even bigger class then destroyers, and 24 v 24 ship fights… Battles would turn in high strategy-based games, with smaller craft supporting slow moving ones, planning each move and push… But I know this would probably never happen : ) 

How about a ring system for the beacons as placement method(or forming O from the 2d view)?
So it would be easy to capture adjacent beacons, but at the same time the max range would remain the same to the farthest beacon from your current one.
The incrising worth of ‘network’ is a good idea, as this would make ambush and concentrate tactics possible.

The current amount of players in battle would even allow this mode now.

But one thing: DON’T make it like domination like. I HATE this mode now because it’s the unbalanced one due early 3-beacon capture AND cascade effect. The increasing amount of points is a good thing(especially with the network idea). This has two advantages: You can set a time(and the battle will last that long) AND you have anytime the chance to come back, as you can build the biggest network AND blocking the enemy’s one at the same time.

+1 for this.