Combat Recon

If enemy team manages to kill our leader, because now its random choise again and he most likely dies quite fast if it is a low rating one.


then if we have more kills than enemy side, and they still got their leader, but we manage to survive until the end. we should be the team winning because of surviving without commander against infinity amount of enemies is not that easy with random players.


Way harder to survive without Leader/Commander against the opposite team who still has their commander and if you manage to survive until the end with more kills than enemy you should be the winner. 


currently the team with a commander left at the end wins, if both commanders is lost it goes on team with most kills.  

As mentioned in the patchnotes, it is only temporary. They are working on a new system.

Also, the objective what is is? The cap must be alive, you must either kill the enemy cap or win in number of kills.


IF you fail the primary objective that is to keep your cap alive, you lost.


That post you made just imply you are one of those interceptors that roam around the map, running away from the enemy just because you are alone and want to get the medal last man standing without effort.

seriously, first match i did we got a 890 rating guy in tier 5 as leader.


this random choises already makes the game descided if the leader is good or not.


thats why im saying it.