Combat Recon HUD Improvement

Here’s an illustration of what I’m suggesting:’> NewHUD2_zps51422c76.jpg


  1. Put the status of the Captains’ health under the name placards at the top of the screen. That way it is easy to see if your captain is in trouble, or if your team has dealt a good blow, but needs help.


  1. Change the color of the friendly captain to something other than the default blue on both the 3-D map and the HUD. That way, defenders can easily pick him out from all the other friendly ships around him.

Yes, please.


I can’t count the amount of times my mates didn’t see me in trouble as captain. Sometimes for some reason I don’t know I can’t select or ping some enemies, so 3-4 interceptors fly over me and boom, I’m done, my team doesn’t even notice it.

Great idea!

I think this is great. Some captains will call out attacks over the team chat, but not everyone can/knows how to ping attackers or speaks the same language.

Wow, Simple but nice idea, i like it.

great idea!!

has someone actually created a crosshair mod or is that just edited into the image? ;p