Colour coded minefield

As of now, minefield, friend or foe is all red. Making it impossible to determine whether it will hurt you or not.


A simple colour coded minefield, following the rest of the game’s IFF colour coding. Red glowing mines for enemy, Blue glowing mines for your own team’s.

Empire long range frigates can determine whether it will hurt you or not :Dwop :crazy:

Lets make a landmine check list real quick.


  1. Did we lose control of that beacon? If we did then they are 95% not your teams. 


  1. Did we just take that beacon over? If we did then they are probably 95% our landmines.


  1. Are there random landmines near a enemy frigate that has full shields and hull? I would give that a 85% chance that they are his/her landmines.


  1. Are there random landmines in space?  50/50 shot on that no one who know who’s landmines they are.


That right there is what I live by when I see landmines in this game. Color coding landmine clusters would probably give a certain less awareness to the game. In war you don’t know if there are landmines on the battlefield until you step on one or have a comber going over the area in front of you. So i could see how that could tie into a recon ability.

Yes in most cases you know whos minefield that is, but if there is brawling around beacon, and you see 3 minefields around it. who belongs to which side ?

Search for suggestions tagged “Minefields”. There have been several suggestions like this, several more imaginative than just baseline colour coding.

I enjoy the idea of a recon being able to tell the difference and relaying it to other team members some way

maybe microlocator can say if a minefield is bad or good

yes exactly then they would have another purpose to the micro locator. Also I was thinking that maybe the recon ship could give some detailed info like what kind of buffs/debuffs are on specific targets. 

maybe microlocator can say if a minefield is bad or good


This. More tactical play. Always good.

Only problem I see as I fly both recons and tacklers an occasional minefield layer of some sort of craft. Could be gunship or frigate for me. Is that a microlocator blocks invisibility and if given the new ability the color to visibly show minefields to your team.


If I had that power id definantly be taking a recon and flying it every match. higher the tier seems beacons get loaded with mines. So id fly by with my recon. Peg some spydrones a micro locator and if I happen to take damage steal some shields from a frigate that’s bound to be there and zoom on out. I definantly wouldn’t want to die.


If that happened to me in a tackler id be pissed! if I layed down mines and then went chameleon on the side of the beacon then there goes all my usefulness in the short few seconds to cap.


But again it would promote maybe less minelaying or at least laying them down maybe before a death instead of spreading them all over the camp because then everyone will see them.



Also since there is a device that destroys missles. why not one for mines?

Well, first as a soldier I am amazed we have mines with IFF ability lol.

Second I LOVE dropping my mines inside an enemy mine field and watching the enemy go WTF when they enter their own field!

And ya why cant 1 of the frigs clear out mines?


also the recon ship being able to ID who owns a mine field and making it


Red = Them


Blue = Us


Is a very good idea.


…why don’t mine fields sorta spread in the direction you are flying at release and drift to a stop?



“Oh my God. Caboose, shut up. Andy, blow up. Doc, you’re fired, get outta here. I’m gonna go shoot Tucker.”


Mines drifting when u launch them sound horrid. harder to throw them at someone tailing u. and also itd suck because u could throw them past where u wanted them to be

Mines shud be visiable on radar, blue for frendly red for enemy.

Recons could have this ability to detect IFF of mine fields, proximity mine presence etc. THEY ARE RECONS!!! Add to the assistance points :stuck_out_tongue: