color buff garde



sorry for my english…

my buff of the garde have these colors :

blue for fire

red for kinetic

and green for plasma

… hard not to mix in my head ^^ and i’m not color-blind

Is it normal ? How can i change it ?


Could you provide screenshots? Normally the game shows EM dmg as blue, kinetic as yellow, thermal as red. If you see different colors, maybe its because your pc has some sort of incompatibility

i don’t talk about the color of the damage but the color of the buff change. Damage appear like you say but when i change the buff (kinetic, em, fire) the color of the ring which appear around the ship is like i said. I hope you understand me ^^. For exemple, when i put fire resistance buff, the fast ring which appear around the ship is blue :/… not red. Maybe it’s a problem with my pc, idk, or maybe i don’t understand something ^^.

wolfkyler… Are you talking about a guard?

7 hours ago, ntboble said:

wolfkyler… Are you talking about a guard?

yeah, it makes sense. Wolf, guide by the icon, its much clearer that way. Then you will get used of each phase position, you just gotta memorize it: starts on thermal, from then 1 for EM and 2 for kinetic. From EM: 1 for kinetic and 2 for therm. And from Kinetic: 1 for therm and 2 for EM. Just worry about pressing the F, not awaiting to see the sphere color.