Cockpit view

Do you guys think there should be a cockpit view? I love Star conflict, and can’t wait for the release tomorrow officially. However, one thing I’ve always thought was missing is cockpit view. I am huge on space simulators, and the third person view eliminates all of the immersion. Despite a lower field of view, I enjoy the realism, and see no reason why cockpit view shouldn’t be an option. If the poll goes well, I may start a petition, so keep an eye out guys! :slight_smile:

What disadvantage is there to be able to cruise through safe sectors in open space while enjoying the scenery? 

I agree, sure there’s the whole “You have a lower field of view in battle”, but I think it’s an excuse. It’s not like people are forced to use it, and I perform better in cockpit view anyways.

The question is : Where’s Jeri ships cockpit ?

The question is : Where’s Jeri ships cockpit ?


In the base. I always assumed Jeri ships were unmanned and remotely piloted, and the cockpit would have screens instead of the usual canopy.

Jericho ships have inside cockpits. With high-technological stuff & displays. Watch the intro! Cheap Templar S vs. Cheap Dvergr…

Cockpit few would be fine. Nobody force you, but is great for realistic screenshots, for just flying around & more laser accuracy.

Maybe a individual cockpit for each ship design class (Tormentor, Viking, Hawk)

It was said before that there won’t be a first person perspective / cockpit view.