Cockpit View, Joystick Support

I thought it would be cool if they added a cockpit view to the game so u can immerse yourself into the combat more, also a cool thing they could add is joystick support.

I currently own a saitek x65f H.O.T.A.S , this could also add another public to the game, the simulator kind of people.


If anyone agrees plz make sure to tell why u think this would be a good idea.

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I agree with this idea. Would be a very ULTRA COOL experience. But i believe if it’s done it should be done right. As in saying not every single ship is gonna look the same in cockpit mode. make every ship different. and like let’s say LYNX has standard outside. LYNX-M has a few more aesthetic features on outside. do the same for the cockpit view inside. Also if a missile is locked on maybe add special effects in the cockpit. OR if your hull is below 50% or so the inside could have smoke or electronics going haywire. :slight_smile:


Now as for the joystick I WOULD LOVE to use my THRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG in the game. but the aiming in cockpit might have to be a little different because as of now your aiming with mouse and you have a aiming icon. i believe it would be hard to do that with a joystick ? unless it stays in one place and move’s the whole screen.


But if they added cockpit view… THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. then i shall suggest after that “IF” is said and done. make the game 3D compatible. 

Cockpit mode full screen 1080p+ in 3D = BEST SPACE GAME EVER.  :lol:

i totally agree, if they make the cockpit view itll be awesome if they add support for the oculus rift so u can get immersed itll be awesome :slight_smile: , also if u want a game like that look forward to Star Citizen by Roberts space industries wich is gonna be mad cool :D 

It may be worth considering having a way to see things that are hidden by the ships hull maybe a wire frame image of the objects not visible from the cockpit windows that can be activated by the press of a button or additional screens in multiple directions, this is just so the player can see what is around them in cp view without breaking the immersion and so the windows still make sense in universe.

A virtual cockpit might work as a quick fix so we have something of a cockpit without having to wait for the developers having to press that last button with aching fingers after however long it would take to model cockpits for each and every ship.