Co-op still doesn't count for the Marathons.

Let’s get this cleared out,is it a bug or a “feature”?

Why not make it work too?Co-op games can be more dynamic than PvE and don’t last as much,usually,they can be either fun or just pure madness,its like a hybrid between PvP and PvE,the best of both worlds,kinda.



Co-op is too easy.

I need to make sure what marathon did you mean?) If Star Marathon, it’s available for PvP, PvE and Co-op. If you’re talking about New Destroyers event - it’s PvP only. As I spoke before, these ships are exclusive and have to be earned. And tasks are not so hard anyway ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I’m talking about Star Marathon,and It doesn’t count in AI,was It supposed to?

As of right now, they still don’t. (update for anyone who ends up here while Googling the question)