cloaking fix

would like to see the fed cloak ability have like a 2 second cooldown after use. Making it so you don’t un cloak by accident . This mainly happens when you have modules disabled and you will spam the cloak because you are not sure when it will become active. In my opinion a second or two delay before being able to un cloak should fix it or just make un cloaking something that only happens when you fire weapons or any of the other reasons that do it.

All I can say here is no. Babysitting players who spambash a button should not be encouraged.

My problem was lag, first press did nothing, 2nd press… decloaked me. #$%&*!!!


But that is an uncommon problem. Would help, but not a game breaker.

well honestly idk. Ye it might be useful but I can’t really say I encountered the problem myself. Either way it wouldn’t take a lot of scripting anyway.