Classified faction documents

When I first heard that we could loot documents I already imagine that it would be stuff that you can actually read. Turned out that it’s simply a loyality loot item, which is definitely cool, but disappointed me a little.


Anyway, I think these faction documents provide a great opportunity to add a little more depth into the game and at the same time at least provide a little help in the immersion of the game, which has a very interesting background story, that we sadly never EVER get to experioence because it’s all limited to a wiki, a badly written one at that.



How the system could work:


Upon looting a faction document, when you accept your email that contains the loot, you get another email saying


“This is a sealed and classified document about . Do you wish to read it or do you instead turn it over to your contractor unopened?”


If you Don’t open the document you get the loyality reward that the documents give you now,


but if you pick read you will for one recieve a little flavor text about the topic (I would say the topic can be anything about any faction) AND to compensate that you don’t get the loyality bonus, you instead could either get a cash bonus (as if you sold the information on the black market) or a little combat bonus for your next fight.





I will give an example soon, but I’m a little on the edge atm, so sorry if you don’t understand it yet.

Your suggestion is a very interesting way to increase the fluff and lore of the game world but personally I highly prefer them to fix all the core gameplay, balancing, etc. before they add lore in interesting ways via documents, PvE story missions, etc.


Its not that I don’t like the lore of the game, I just wish that current gameplay elements are fixed, balanced, and finalized instead of becoming all turned on its head.

I would honestly rather it be opened regardless and still get the info. Maybe have an extra block of info that is more classified and works that way though. You know either learn all of it or just some of it and get a rep increase.