"Classic Items"

Vey rarely, as a nod to the old pre-revolution Star Conflict, I suggest that several modules and weapons and items that used to be in the game be re-implemented as “legacy items” that are extremely rarely found in loot.


Here are a few items that I suggest be added, as examples:



  • Classic Static Barrier (Pentagonal glory)

  • Classic Shrapnel Cannon (auto-charge awesomeness)

  • Classic Heavy Plasma (Big static boom shot)

  • Classic Heavy Laser (BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

  • Classic Heavy Railgun (Old Flak Type II turrets)

  • Classic RF Blaster (Unlimited pew pew pew)

  • Classic Torpedo (FSHHHHHHHH-BOOM!!)

i would like to see these, the devs are too preoccupied with ellydium though