Clash Of The Factions and Galaxy At War!!!

And here’s  the open space suggestion, following the pve Battlefields.

Clash of the factions: Add or pick a sector, like iridium strand for exemple. Put 3 navigation beacons far apart surrounded by their appropriate police and guard turrets. If you get in that sector with a jericho ship then you’ll be tagged as jeri, empire for emp etc… You have to capture that nav beacon which would have a high capture points amount. It would be happening kinda like spec op on a 2hrs or less intervals. with a 10mins countdown to give the time to assemble once in the sector.


Galaxy At War: That’s a pve version of epic battle. Use something like the inverter in leviathan OS and put it in the middle of the map. That thing makes pirates, cybers, civillians and factions based police go crazy. So in that sector each of those “race/faction” has built an outpost and they are constantly attacking each other. So it would either be a really chaotic sector or if it’s possible. When you jump there you are randomly tagged as pirate or else. Then it would still be on a 2hrs, or less, intervals. And the mission would be to capture all the ennemies bases or the “race” that did the most dmg and/or cap win. Tho i could see it being a new spec op too.

P.S. Devs, mods, let us know what you think of that. I can make modifications. And that was meant for suggestion game modes and maps…Can it be moved.



Or i’ll copy and paste it in the suggestions then you can delete it. Let me know.

Something similar was suggested on Ru forums as I remember. Unfortunately, we have restrictions on the amount of players and bots at the same time on a map, so I guess it will be hard to make such Epic of Epicness at the moment.

I understand that. Not everything can be done, there are restrictions.